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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  BlackenedWhite
Song:   Gunz
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Hodgy Beats]
My verse come fast like a gun blast
I don't need a gun, I don't need it, naw
Marijuana breathe, I don't need the rum
You can keep you some I just drink for fun
Billboard cover with my eyes rolled back
Domo right behind me fittin to roll another sack
Put your lighters up like your life is on wax
So you light to me nigga I even got tax
And I paid that shit (got my way) like I paid that shit
I'm gonna grave that shit I'm in the graveyard
Employee on the job you can ask my manager
I'm the cancer, that's for damn sure
Smoke in Amsterdam and had a joke
Apply CPR if your ass start to choke
I see Mary Jane and she gettin kind of close
Her face is on my book and she about to get poked

[Chorus: repeat with ad libs]
I am now, taking... shots

[Hodgy Beats]
I'm honored to be a monster
My monsters postrous upon us
Gobstoppers and marijuana
Ga ganja trauma your momma
She'll take us off to the doctors
and buy us brand new pajamas
I think I'm hallucinating
and aggravating these llamas
The room is gettin smaller
Get mommy, somebody call her
I'm throwin up in the hall
My fingers feel like marshmallows
Chocolate, maltings with frosters
Caramel on a saucer
My visions begin to alter
Wavering like a pauper
With no appointment in the soil of turned bullshit
Niggas afraid of success and recoil it
I ball it, then broiled it
Can you grab the foil bitch?
I'ma wrap it up and just save it for my enjoyment
I get more thumbs up then a corn flake
Wolf Gang's the gang you wanna join with (bitch)
No sentences after that
I shatter facts with pack gat rappers
You lucky ass bitch!