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Artist: MellowHype f/ Domo Genesis
Album:  BlackenedWhite
Song:   Brain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Hodgy Beats]
They said a piece of my ambition's ambitious
Hat back, snap back, Brooklyn Mishka
Movie role, studio, rubber grip in my cuticles
Coohie yo the stupid hoe who fucked Cupid doe
I, I can't fall in love with a bit of shit
Cause if I fall into it it's being used and then quit
You more on the bitch I'm on the analog sticks
You can quote me on my sentence nigga, catalogue this
Odd Future Wolves ain't some passive artists
A bunch of massive artists, hang up I had to call this
We mosh through streets like a pack of walrus
So when we come around them niggaz had to ball fists
My swagger is natural flavor, then citric acid
Honey ginseng if, it's extracted
And honey's with me if, she's attractive
Her address, I address, my hoop in her basket

Man when it came to school, I got bad grades
Now when it came to the law, I didn't know how to behave
My nigga, my my nigga but with music, music, music
I'm on the honor roll, honor roll, honor roll
With music, music, music
I'm on the honor roll, honor roll, we on a roll

[Domo Genesis]
Threw my condolences to bogus shit cause I'm killin shit off
Survival on the love boat I'm kickin every bitch off
Phone book flow, this some shit you'll never rip off
Shitting on you niggaz, I'm a level past pissed off
Risk all to get all, I'm all in
Leaving every bar spinnin, gettin paper, I don't do go cigar friends
Give me a couple seconds, I'll be leaving with your girlfriend
Gotta get in fresh, got her mouth full, garglin
Spit it out
Dealin with the mary by the big amount, flyin from a different route
Money 'bout to come so these bitches tryin to stick it out
You ain't special though, give me neck and then I kick you out
Domo Genesis, it ain't nuttin next to that
Aimin for success and won't fall for nothin less than that
Wolf Gang shit, got all my niggaz reppin that
If we ain't it yet, somebody show me where the best is at