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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  BlackenedWhite
Song:   64
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
Ain't nuttin new nigga
Just somethin new
I never trust fate with my trust funds
I keep it in a safe place nigga, lump sum
Camera surveillance a bunch of fuckin stun guns
I'm a snare to the drum, burum-bum-bum
Her virgin homicide I show her how we drum-a-drum
She doesn't come for me, bitch only say she cum for fun
What's up honeybun, wanna feel your tummy rum?
Rumbling in a ring with pills to fucking numb
Your system is my fuckin dick-dom
Feel the friction of my children with down syndrome
I'm rehearsing for my funeral, triple six Roman numerals
MellowHype musical, talk to my wolves like Dolittle
Think with a migraine like a fucking eye strain
Drink bottles of champagne on a fucking biplane
If it doesn't add up then ask the students my name
I'm fucking Einstein, I'm sayin

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Knock, knock! Delivery, I'm the rhetorician
Body decomposition, ripping through your rhythm
I suggest you stop and listen to this non-prescription
Fuck your contradiction, this my composition

[Hodgy Beats]
Leprechaun, hexagon, I transform: Decepticon
Rasputin, I'm half mutant, fuck financial aid, cash students
I'm too pursuant to overdo shit, super fluent
My flow is overheated it needs coolant, sheeit~!
Fuck bein poor and return to the school and shoot it up
While I shoot it like a porno bitch with cool whip (sheeit)
I dive scuba, barracuda, shark water in Cuba
Chicken head of the sea, but I don't FUCKIN eat tuna
I sneak her in my room like Puma
My bedroom's Jerusalem and I'm Judah
Suck on my Messiah or die and cry in fire
Truth is the curse of liars so is Mrs. Doubtfire
Fat bitches, dope beats is what my niggaz acquire
If you're broke, get a cast
Bitch I'm dope, do the math
Triple six, sippin through a golden flask
Salute MellowHype or mustard gas
I ain't gay but I'm a fuckin ass!!