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Artist: McGruff
Album:  Destined to Be (and U-N-I vs. All LP)
Song:   Many Know
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Come on ungh ungh hit em phat what 
come on just like that ungh yo yo

I sip on X-O 
collect dough
leave your whole block wetto
bust out my glock gecko 
got you petro hold your heart and don't let go
meet your doom as soon as that heat go boom 
gun slinga relay only on one finger
the one that's itchie your son hit me
I wan't my gun wit me they got harlem world like gun city
y'all know who dumb gritty
y'all know who come wit the glicky
for fun strickly 
front you'll get stung quickly
pistol whipped up you know what's next if you get up
I did it in what mapped the join an hid in the cut
an after that black slid wit yo slut an nigga what

[Chorus-Heavy D]
Many niggas know that we be fly
harlem workd baby do or die
swimmin in tha chocha we be high
niggas can't see us so why try

Yo aiyo gruff hot
CD sell like drug spot 
mouth weedy smell
eyes blood shot
buc pop look at feds takin mug shots
real niggas move swift na ta duck cops
you know how we go
play tha lelo in Montego[pause]Bay
puff dro head all day moet all day
sweat all day 
ain't nothin changed still got my ghetto ways
I'ma be gruff even when i'm dead or gray
do my thing in hip-hop
get this bread off yay
keep my wolves wit me might have ta let off spray
so niggas better watch what you said or say
or pass away
so called bad niggas won't last a day
wit gruff baby
a.k.a. cashius clay mister leagal
check my record in the three two
BCT who dat he be me


Yeah yo release hatred
release favorite
picture gruff walk da streets naked
my dessert eagle be diesel niggas fiebel
yo money when you get some evil
I live illegal bust hot ones get rid of people
cats don't learn frontin and there gat don't burn
you talkin myth stylin wit a big fo fifth
son yo soft and never did your gun go off
keep it real for all my guns up north
gruff lenox harlem world 139 fuckin lenox
buck relentless till they put me up in bentess 
funeral home squezze put two in your dome
ever since I was young 
I was influenced wit chrome now I smoke haze
reminisce of broke days sippin on that old lemon
twist an roseay's get publishin
screw when the coke raise
use to ball keys now I collect raw tee's 
what nigga

[Chorus x4]