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Artist: MC Ren f/ Devin the Dude
Album:  Keep it Real 12"/Westcoast Entertainment Presents; Forever Ruthless
Song:   Keep it Real (B.G. Dre'sta RMX)
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* 10 Seconds sample of L.A. streets' Gang War played in the background
[Intro: 10 O'Clock News Coverage Reporter]
In world news today
Officials agreed that rapper Lorenzo alias Street Scholar must be stopped
After being monitored by secret service agents for two years evidents
Leads tobacco and firearms; official to believe that his literally lyrics
promote drug usage and distribution
Degrade women, influence ganbling, promote and teach violence
And more importantly; it's influencing our minors and destorying our community
Officials say: he is the lord of the Underground Rap
Him and his music must be stopped
[MC Ren]
You know I gotta keep it on, like light but I'm heavy
Fool, tell your trick to stay away from the Chevy
I make these fools pray everyday like Bone
Every time you see the Villain choke the microphone
I'm coming 'Straight Off The Streets of Compton' like E
Make my first G before adding on the emcee
White people hate me like Johny Cockern
Yelling "F" The Police since fools been pop locking
I'm So So Def like Jermaine
I know, you wanna see me rip it up, but can't take the pain
You fools bragging like Big Poppa
While you know, you're living in a hut like Jobba
Uhh.. like Rick, I'm knocking niggaz out the box
I'll make you wanna go and have the big well like Great Fox
Who cares what you're going through?
You whack niggaz this one's for you
Keeps it real
[Chorus: Devin the Dude X2]
You know, you can't believe that song
That brother is wrong, gangsters don't live that long
[MC Ren overlapping the chorus]
Now, who keeps it real?
Who keeps it real?
Ren in the cut, fools now what's up?
Fools out faking like they got skills
Rolling around with their rats in their floss mobiles
[Hook: MC Ren]
Knock them out the box Ren  -----> MC Ren
Knock them out Ren   --------> MC Ren
[MC Ren]
Living room packed, laid back on the flow 
Yeah, fools can't see me on the live with a Lando
I'm running fools straight to the dirt
While my man Train talking on the phone the evil curt 
Homies waste gas driving down the same streets
And hood rats wishing for the passenger seats
Flag them down, like they're flagging down to get a taxi
Too good to ride a bus, drinking is a must
Another day kicking back, the Scientist is hard at work
Thinking how to get paid, kicking back in the shade
Or call Will and Temple where my homie down by Zeenie
With the bald head, it's too hot for the beanie
Sitting on the porch, fools run the stop sign
Hookers sell their bodies around the way ain't hard to find
Right in the corner of McDonald's Parking Lot
Peeping out their hair cause that spot is hot
And that's real
[Chorus: X2]
[Hook: MC Ren]
[MC Ren]
Randy up the street cutting up the fresh paid
And Compton P.D. around the corner about to raid
The yellow Helicopter hanging around like a Gnat
And hood rats yelling out a car where the party at
While Robbin and Train go and get a Deuce
And fools in Compton give a damn about a gang truce
But I gotta lot of love for my people
And like they ain't crying, people just keep dying
I won't be like most fools and just come to shoot my video in Compton 
Then disappear for a year
I'm making fools like that shake the spot 
One for the treble, jack your ass in the Parking Lot
Cause handkerchief headed fools come around faking
Bragging about that money they be making
Boot licking, butt dancing, and fools just better chill
Before I tell them how I feel, and that's real
[Chorus: X2]
[Hook: MC Ren]
[Outro: MC Ren]
Yeah, DJ Train, the tribe of Shabazz
I'm out, yeah
Knock them out Ren   --------> MC Ren