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Artist: Master P f/ Slay Sean
Album:  Souljas CD-5
Song:   Trick or Treat Whodi
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*woman SCREAMING*}

[Master P]
Guess who's back.. it's Freddy?  NAH, P BITCH!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Trick or treat whodi.. where you be whodi?
I'm right 'cross the street whodi
And I think I seen the beast whodi!

[Master P]
It must be Halloween, ya heard me?  It all happened at once
I'm in the middle of the hood rollin a black and orange blunt
My mind fucked up, I done seen a black cat {*ROWR!*}
Put my hand on my gat and took three steps back
Ran up the block it was like a movie
I seen a big haunted house with a chick in a jacuzzi
I knocked on the doors {*DING-DONG*} and it broke the mirror {*CRASH*}
I got seven days of bad luck and a dog with no liver(??)
It must be a nightmare, but I'm bout to wake up
Then I put my nail in the keyhole {*door*} and jumped in the truck
{*engine revs*} Headed to the club, the party's off the hook
Until I ran into this nigga that I knew was a crook
He said... onnnnne, twoooooo... they comin for you
Threeee, fourrrrr... better lock your door {*animal roars*}
Nah, fuck the world, I'm about to go for mines
Cause I'm trapped in this dream like I'm trapped in crime
I see this younger ??, hair looked just like Eve
And I'm thinkin to myself, what the fuck is she doin in New Orleans?
Now is this a curse, or shit I did bad
Or my mind playin tricks cause I snatched a kid's bag


[Slay Sean]
Yeah it's nighttime, the right time to do crime
Niggaz hustle, and watch out for po'-nine
It's showtime, raisin hell {*ROAR!*} one more time
Thugs move, no rules bottom line
You got into the sunset to speak your mind {*SCREE!*}
Run - lock your doors, the streets is mine
Niggaz wild out, {*SCREE!*} throw eggs, the people beg
October 31st niggaz need to be caged
No remorse {*SCREE!*} you done heard my force
Takin, what we want, by means of all sorts
It's the way of life, payback's a bitch, pay the price
Somebody gotta suffer, even po-lice
When the streets is dark and cold you fear for your life
You know you hear the screams {*SCREAM*} it's a horrible sight
Nobody fiends, they just wanna survive the night
Twelve hours of mayhem as you beg for life


[Master P]
Trick or TREAT, kiddies!
Bout to deliver the mail once again
"Ghetto Postage," all platinum BITCH!

Who's laughin now, WHODI?  Hehehehe, trick or treat!

Junebug, you better take that mask off
and get your little bitch-ass inside!