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Artist: Master P, Mia X, Tre-8, Mo B. Dick
Album:  Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' & Swingin'
Song:   So Much Pain
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[Master P and (Mo B. Dick)]
Oh like that (Ooh)
Tre-8 they ain't ready for this dog (Ooh)
Smoke One and No Limit (Ooh)
All the way from California to New Orleans
Ask em' about it, so much pain boy (So much pain)

[Master P]
Birds in the kitchen, palms itchin'
And all y'all niggas in the game pay attention
As I teach, ain't got no time to preach
2 for 3, 4 for 5, 16 a fuckin' key
Don't laugh, niggas like to backstab
But where I'm from see yo brother on a body slab
New Orleans, the city of the candy cream
A bunch of projects full of jackers and dope fiends
As I cry, think one day I gotta die
But I don't give a fuck cause ain't no love from the outside
As I walk to the projects
Niggas killin' dope fiends behind fuckin' county checks
And my younger homie smokin' dope
The niggas I used to hang with doin' that boy broke
And they gone off that water, water
Ain't no love from New Orleans all the way back to Florida
It's just a bunch of pain

[Chorus: Mo B. Dick]
So much pain, so much pain
So much pain, so much pain

[Mia X]
I'm feelin' so much pain, holdin' back my tears of anger
As I walk through this danger zone
That I used to call home
Strangers got my nerves all jumpy
But it's best I watch them niggas who be smilin' actin' chummy
Like it's all real
I don't know why they got it in for me
Like my girl Jill, who was sleepin' with the enemy
Never knew the handy dope was a sad one
Now I know the vibes that I felt was some bad ones
Takes a mad one, females so precious
Tryin' to move on since our best friend left us
Got my baby still stuck in this drama filled blue
Tryin' to get my pockets on so I can snatch him from this zoo
And paint a clearer picture cause the one I see now
Got my vision all blurry, hard to see my way out
Bow my head to Lord and pray hard for a change
Can lift a sister from feelin' this
So much pain, so much pain


Growin' up as a youngster, comin' around that thug life
Dog nights with drug fights just made me get my mind right
But times I just slap on ya block and leave me bleedin'
It's hard for me to run cause they might catch me when I'm sleepin'
But I'm peepin' out the go round, wipe the sweat from my forehead
Take a swig of the beer and reminice about what my boy said
He told me keep my head up, don't get filled with all this drama
Havin' talks with my diary cause I can't have talks with my mama
And still feel my eyes fold I start to be the best
Sometimes I cock my nine and wanna get it of my chest
But I guess I'll just take it one day at a time
But until a nigga die I got these feelings on my mind
Fuckin' so much pain

[Chorus to fade]