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Artist: Master P f/ C-Murder
Album:  I'm Going Big Time 12"
Song:   Life in the Fast Lane
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(Master P)
Yo fool, reach me another clip, you know what i'm sayin'?
These niggas been talking hella shit in 91 (here you go fool)
Yeah, but check this out,
It's 1992 and the real untouchables is back in this motherfucker
With a whole new stupid sick as posse, ready to get paid
Check it out, I am going to introduce you to my motherfucking posse, you know 
what i'm saying?
Markest Banks in the motherfucking house
Daniel Fry in the motherfucking house
Chilee Powdah in the motherfucking house
DJ Ambush in the motherfucking house
C-Murder in the motherfucking house
Master P in the motherfucking house
And check this out, you know what i'm saying though?
We bout to get stupid though
C-Murder bout to go and bust a freestyle and let you niggas know what's 
happening out here
Go tell them what's up C-Murder...

My life is moving fast, but i'm taking it slow
And i'm watching my back everywhere I go
Cause niggas getting mad for the shit that I own
From my gold to my money to my cellular phone
A fool thought he robbed me, thought he got away clean
'Til he turned around, I put some holes in his jeans
Then he lost his balance and fell straight to his knees
Threw his hands in the air and started begging me please(pleeeaassee)
Don't shoot me C, I got some kids at home
I said, "Fuck it," and put a hole in his dome
Because the way the world is, you can't be faking the funk
You say one word and homies popping they trunk
But do you think this shit is over? Well, it just begun
You know I don't take shit and I do not run
Because if a nigga fuck with me, then he needs to be robbed
Jackin' motherfuckers is my only job
I take your money, your shoes, and you brand new jeep
And if you see my face, then I put you to sleep
I just take advice of what my brother say (Master P: "Remember this...")
"Always watch your back and never ever play."
Don't leave your piece, because you would not win
My nine millimeter is my best friend

(Master P)
Yeah haha

Because this is the fast life bitch, and I will bust your ass
Strip you clean, and leave you dead in the grass
I'm C-Murder, bitch and I come in hard
With my gat, I am sending more niggas to the morgue

(Master P)
Sending niggas to the morgue
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue...
The real untouchables, yeah, ha
The real untouchables, yeah
The real untouchables, yeah
And check it out, this for 92
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue...
C-Murder's sending niggas to the morgue
Richmond, Cali's in the motherfucking house
Houston, Texas in the motherfucking house
New Orleans in the motherfucking house
Yeah, ha
Check it out, check it out
C-Murder, C-Murder
C-Murder you got any last words before we go and get up out this motherfucker?

Yeah, if niggas talk shit, I am going to commit a homicide
Bitch, punk ass motherfuckers

(Master P)
We out this motherfucker 
like the last nigga that fuck with us last year
Especially these bitches, haha