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Artist: Master P f/ Afficial 
Album:  Ghetto Postage 
Song:   Roll How We Roll 
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[Chorus: Afficial]
Yall niggas can't roll how we roll 
Live how we live stroll how we stroll 
Yall niggas can't roll how we roll 
Live how we live stroll how we stroll 

[Master P]
I got a mansion in the hills but got apartment in the bricks 
I don't fucked supermodels but im married to ghetto chicks 
Ball in the NBA on the streets slang quarters 
Made ESPN for slangin 3's at Vince Carter 
I got a car lot of Benz's one in every color 
My sons only 10 and own a bubbleeye baby hummer 
I got a pink diamond in a safe worth about 20 karatz 
But I still hang wit thug niggas in the hood like T. Harris 
They should call em Arnold Shwartzeneger cuz I carry gold 4-5's 
And my mission in life is to make millions til I die 
They should retire my jersey cuz everything I ship be platinum 
And if you aint wit No Limit you don't know what's happenin 


F-L-A-L damn that's E-S 
Still spit game get head up in the G-S 
Rap game nice ball game nice 
Whole squad nice even when im shootin the dice im nice nice 
Even when im knowing im wrong im right right 
You prolly catch me rollin a blunt that's tight tight 
And everywhere im going im hearin A A 
Put a hand on my brother look niggas wouldn't dare 
16 guns got me 16 trials 
16 boss got you 16 thous 
16 shots get you 16 wholes 
my wholes fire eatin plus you niggas don't know 


Money talks bullshit walks that's the rules of the game 
Push my rover to the limit I abused the range 
Change cars like my clothes including shoes 
Wit a mansion in the hills wit 100 plus rooms 
I love cash but go to jail just to workout 
Get a year for G-P get big and get out 
I should sit out a season and quit rap for a while 
So I can go down south wit platinum teeth when I smile 
Excersion heavy milage rims like 30 inches 
Trucks so big I could scoot like 30 bitches 
Yall money short like 30 midgets 
Giani suit or No Limit gear I do buisenss