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Artist: Master P f/ Slay Sean
Album:  Ghetto Postage
Song:   Doo Rags
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This for all the niggaz out there thuggin
Whodi, get 'em up get 'em up get 'em up (WHAT?)

[Chorus 2X: Master P]
My niggas here we go (HUNH!)
From the streets we clock that dough (WHAT?) 
Doo rags with a mouth full a golds (HUNH!)
Is all my niggaz ready to roll? (WHAT?)

[Master P] 
Now you don't know me whodi you better step back
Cause I'm bad for your health, like heroin and crack
I'm a thug, I keep my hand on the trigger
But the ladies love me cause I'm a million dollar nigga
Roll in V12's, big bodies and trucks
All chromed out, and all souped up
Find me sittin on the porch in the project blowin blunt
Waitin to get paid on the first on the month
Now, y'all really don't wanna mess with me
I'm that nigga out the CP3
Whodi born in the bricks, and dranks on me
Ain't no stuntin lady, y'all know who I be
I'm a uptown nigga, live a uptown life
Gotta uptown house, with a uptown wife (WHAT?)


[Slay Sean]
Yo I'm the hottest nigga in rap, fuck where you been at
Fuck where you sit at, S-serk hit like di-dat
Rock two gi-dats, taste rap ci-dats
This nigga blast on the East and South tri-dack
My shit bi-dack, like ki's to the cri-dack
Movie or the click-clack, who wants some of di-dat?
Serk don't box, slide it rat-a-tat ta-dat
Hoes in your face smack find you where you lay at
Serk ain't the shit, oh I know you ain't say that
Knew I'd come get 'cha boy, you know I don't play dat! (WHAT?)

[Chorus repeat 4X]

[Master P Outro]
Where the project niggaz at? (what what)
Where them No Limit niggaz at? (what what)
Where them down south niggaz at? (what what)
Where them east coast niggaz at? (what what)
Where them mid-west niggaz at? (what what)
Where them west coast niggaz at? (what what)
Where them project niggaz at? (what what)
Ain't no niggas, like my niggaz
(what, what, what, what, what, what,
 what, what, what, what, what)

[Repeat statement]

[Repeat Chorus 2X]