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Artist: Master P f/ Mystikal
Album:  Only God Can Judge Me
Song:   Y'all Don't Want None
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Master P]
This goes to all y'all BITCH ASS niggaz
that got the motherfuckin game twisted
Get it how you live, hehehehe

UH-OHHHHHHHHHH! (Hoody hoooo!)
It's on!

[Master P] - repeat 6X
It's on now nigga we ready (it's on!)

I'm on the block, and I keep my nine cocked
I got a problem - it's handled, with some automatic shots
See I'm a thug - and I love to smoke weed
And I'm a hustler - that mean I love to serve fiends
I'm from the 3rd Ward, Callio', and I'ma represent it
You don't know me?  You better stay out of my business
cause I float like a butterfly and I sting like a bee
But nigga I don't box, I'm the M to the P
I crush domes - I got some niggaz that'll break bones
And if I can't catch you, then I'ma follow yo' bitch home
We got beef - then you know I can't sleep
And if it's a war - then we can take it to the streets

[Master P] - repeat 4X
It's on now nigga we ready (it's on!)

P fuck them niggaz - bout to get the duct tape and WRAP THIS BITCH UP
Talkin that shit on the record you better be ready to BACK THAT SHIT UP
Ya, mama ain't gon' let cha come outside if she know what I'ma do to you
Hatin behind our back but when you see us you hollerin hoody hoo
(HOODY HOOO!) Fake ass record companies, y'all niggaz is roody-poot
Y'all niggaz ain't soldiers on the street
Y'all niggaz is dick in the booty (y'all don't want none)
Bitch I'm CURSIN, cause it's PERSONAL (y'all don't want none)
Use my name I'm gon' be STOMPIN, CHOKIN, HURTIN
Jump in that water if you wanna
I'ma catch y'all in that corner, pull it out and PUT IT ON YA
Y'all bitches got more mouth than you got heart
You got more hype than you got money
Y'all niggaz don't want me to start!
We see more millions in a year than y'all niggaz gon' know about
Let a nigga get a little attention then a nigga wan' show out
But we gon' stay bout it through the 2000 and check domes
Oahkayyyyyyy... BRING IT ON!

[Master P]
Y'all don't want none, we ready
Y'all don't want none, we ready
Y'all don't want none, we ready
We ready, we ready

[Master P] - repeat 8X
It's on now nigga we ready (it's on!)

[Master P] - repeat 4X over last two parts
Down South niggaz we ready
East coast niggaz we ready
West coast niggaz we ready
Midwest niggaz we ready

[Master P]
We ready, we ready, we ready, we ready
Hahah real niggaz, we ready
Real bitches, we ready
No Limit, we ready
All my soldiers, we ready
Haaaaaaa, ain't nuttin changed nigga
We still the same