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Artist: Master P f/ Magic, Silkk the Shocker
Album:  Only God Can Judge Me
Song:   Nobody Moves
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Chorus: Master P + Magic (repeat 4X)

Nobody moves, nobody get hurt {What?}
Don't make me put yo' face on a t-shirt with some dirt
{Motherfucker it's on!}

[Master P]
I retired from the game til you niggaz got me fucked up
I'm back for 2000 to get y'all bitches and y'all niggaz bucked up
The media started hatin cause I made my money on the corner
I'm like the Energizer Bunny, on some weed and Corona
Now y'all don't wanna fuck wit me
I got some killers that'll bust wit me
and I represent that C-P-3
til I'm motherfuckin six feet deep!!!
Nigga I'ma ball til I fall, no fakin it's all real
How many niggaz can roll through the project, that made $56 mill?
We all tatted, all gatted, we hustlers, y'all addicts
Now who the fuck want static?  I got the automatics

Chorus 1/2

Motherfucker we back
To all the hater niggaz thought No Limit was fallin off
I'm here to set the record straight
On all you bitches speakin behind the microphone
One more word and I'ma follow you home
Empty my chrome, up in your dome
It's the Y-2-K motherfucker WE CAME TO CRUSH BONES!
Eternal sleep to all you niggaz talkin beef
I cut you up and eat you I'm a, wild fuckin beast
I'm like a fuckin bomb and P's the designator
Go 'head and push the button, LET ME GET RID OF ALL THE HATERS!
.. Nann nigga here can fade us, so BOW MOTHERFUCKER

Chorus 1/2

We put the choppers up, my nigga done put the legs down
Niggaz think we playin at first, but shit done got serious now
We make nightmares come true, when we come through
Nigga you don't wanna fuck with us
that there they see what a nigga did done you, run who
and I don't believe in that ten years down the line shit
Revenge so when you come through?  Bury your lil' son too
Shit is real now
We walk away, fuck nah I was taught to spray
If the drama too big for what I got on my hip
P and Magic brought the 'K
Niggaz done fucked up the game
That's why they got stuck for they chain
Niggaz ain't real killers, niggaz ? looked up in vain
See I ain't no killer, but if come down to it I'll bust yo' brains in
I don't give a fuck who around me, never touch my No Limit chain again