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Artist: Master P
Album:  Only God Can Judge Me
Song:   Oh Na Nae
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

	Yo como aqui, tambien el dineros
	Yo quiero la pesos

Chorus: Master P (repeat 2X) *

I say ooooh nah nae
I got to get the money 'fore I play (dineros)
I say ooooh nah nae
I got to get the money 'fore I play (pesos)

* {first time, repeat 1.5X only}

[Master P]
I started small time, but I made it, to the top
Do I believe in God?  I thank the man for everything I got
Senoriiiiiita?  Can you, read my future?
Cause where I'm from the little homies they'll shoot ya
See I'm a savage (savage) but I love to life lavish (lavish)
and I'm addicted to cornbread, greens, and cabbage
I'm a ghe-tto boy, with a ghe-tto house
I got twenties on my Benz, and gold's in my mouth
And if I go to jail, put some pesos on my books
Believe me when I say this I'm a hustler not a crook


[Master P]
I lock the boat to the truck, then I headed, to the beach
We started walkin chasin cuties and I got sand in my feet
I say soldiers hold up, who got a camera?
I seen one so tight, man you know I gotta slam her
I looked into her eyes I'm thinkin sex on the beach
She got a friend, uno dos now they hang with me
Here come the cops and we all blowin doja
He say are you drinkin, I say nah man we sober


[Master P]
Getcha money, 'fore you play, ya heard me?
Part of this No Limit soldier campaign
Be all you can be

Chorus (fades out)