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Artist: Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Sons of Funk
Album:  MP Da Last Don
Title:  The Ghetto's Got Me Trapped
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you fell into my trap why don't you go ahead and destroy yourselves
you fucking little monkeys

This Ghetto Got me trapped (Ughhhh) 
but I ain't ready yet

[Sons of Funk and Master P]
Lord won't you wash away my pain (this ghetto's got me trapped)
some say life is a crazy game (but I ain't ready yet)(2X)

[Master P]
found me on the street corner hangin' with the big niggas
playin' football in the ghetto we call it flea flicker
and ain't no rules cuz niggas get shot 
and every fuckin' day niggas runnin' from the cops
nigga won't change mama 'til you bury me 
but make sure six TRU niggas carry me 
but if they miss know (nigga) you a goner 
cuz there ain't gone be no family members to mourn ya 
I wasted sperm for the ovaries drug dealin' to penetentaries (Ughhh)


[Silkk the Shocker]

its a cold and cruel world sometimes it gets shady
I ain't been the same since my auntie gave birth to a crack baby
wanna know why I'm rowdy I be clutchin' my glock 
cuz if I have P and C come over and tell mama young Silkk just got shot 
I couldn't even close my eyes and not feel the pain 
I could re-open my eyes and realize 
all the niggas that lost their lives in this game 
I lost alot tryin' learn the facts of life fuck color nigga we all struggle
with this black or white to all my niggas in penetentaries 
I recieved ya'll letters 
and I swear to hang in there if things don't get better 
now picture this I got Auntie diein' of overdose uncle diein' of aids
realize that I got a little money but there's somethings money can't save
is there a heaven for gangstas is there a heaven period 
and based on the fact that things did wrong probably cuz I hang with
too many killers and niggas diein' over wars shits hard where I'm from
that's why I spit it how I live it and I get it how it come 
on top of that I had a fucked up day 
to god look couldn't find the words to explain so I'll tell you
tonight when I pray feel my pain