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Artist: Master P f/ Fiend
Album:  MP Da Last Don
Song:   These Streets Keep Me Rollin'
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Chorus: x4
(Master P)
These streets keep me rollin'
Can't stop cause these presidents I'm holdin'

(Master P)
You see I'm a killer by heart
A G by nature
You see these ho's a love you
And these niggas a hate you
When you young and ballin'
I mean broke and fallin'
I said sleeping and crawlin'
That's when the Devil be callin'
They want to take all your change
T-shirts and khakis
These ho's a love me
Or send some niggas to jack me
The game done change
It's not the same
Da Last Don be my name
Cause I'm tru to da game
I mean a bird in the bush can't touch one in the hand
Out in the streets be lying in a can
I done change and they watch me
The fedz can't stop me
It'll take millions to box me
But the ghetto you got me

Chorus: x4

What's the purpose of being the baddest
When some haters a kill for your status
For a taste of lavish
Or follow you home for the cabbage
But look here we savages
Survivors and Soldiers
Fuck with one of us we get in ya vains like embolia
On his casket lies a magnolia
Flower for peace
Sun lying in the faces of his newphew and neice
I'm the beast
You know me FIEND the glock carrier
Fuck with anything of mind I'll have ya pops bury ya
Guns with the sound barrier
Livin for no tomorrow
Show me the dirty cargo
And fuck your family morrows
Boy souls I'm quick to borrow 
Gettin' sisters and brothers to
I got something to kill you and a thought of another you
Just another number to
The murder rate in my city
One week all kids born with no pitty
Shitty ain't it
How it's painted
Realness thru my eyes
Just shit we deal with livin these tru lies

Chorus till end