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Artist: Master P f/ Mo B. Dick, Silkk the Shocker
Album:  Ice Cream Man
Song:   Playa From Around The Way
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Thatís right yaíll
I guess I should let yaíll know what bein an Ice Cream Man
is all about since itís the Ice Cream Man theme song
But what I want yaíll to do for me is light ya
weed,lay back and we gon take a ride
A ride all the way through
Through the Ice Cream Manís whole life.

            Mo B. Dick:
Iím sittin in a room full of hoes with some sexy ass bodies
Smokin on the cess,playin dominoes.Ainít fuckin wit nobody
Iím scopin em out without a doubt.I see big booties hangin out
My dick is gettin hard like itís about to pop out of socket.
I canít believe what Iím seein.
I must be straight (geein)
cause I got all these hoes in my pocket.
Iím just a playa from around the way.
Iím hustlin just to see another day.
Iím just a playa from around the way.
Iím hustlin just to see another day.
Playa haters gettin sick cause they canít get with my click
cause we took all their bitches
But the niggas know the deal cause we packin that steel
and dumpin mothafuckasin ditches
So hey, itís another day for me to play
as I slang my yay and get paid off these smokers
You donít know the deal cause this thing is real
mothafuckas, I ainít jokin, I ainít jokin

            Master P:
Iím on a porch with these killas.Must be a drug dealer
I run from the taz.Call me banana peeler
I got that HK cocked ready to block.
Ainít no love on my block.Got this dope in my sock
My little brother hooked it up tryin to get big
In the ghetto I seen another man lose his wig
But I ainít trippin off the dope-game
Iím too deep in my hood slangin heroin and cocaine

            Silkk The Shocker:
Way too deep to turn back now.
My homies tryin to jack now
Put away the sack down.Now I gots my gat now
You bitches better raise up off the tip
of us playas tryin to strive and stay alive, Fuck the 9 to 5
Iím all about the papers.Niggas tryin to chase the
million dollar spot with a glock and a caper

            Master P:
We some macks like Goldie.Yaíll canít hold me
Iím Oulajawon dunkin on you and your homie
Cause we in this shit deep tryin to get mine
Fuck all that.Cuz,kick the fuckin chorus line

            Mo B. Dick:
Iím just a playa from around the way
Iím hustlin just to see another day

            Master P/(Silkk The Shocker):
[I love my mill].And if I die who gives a fuck?
Just another black gone
(Nobody gives a damn if you make it back home.)
Cause my auntie on dope
My little homies out there in the hood pushin hella coke
So I try to get fronted a bumper
I mean a fifty dollar dub on a come-up

            Silkk The Shocker:
Dope in my All Stars.Just got[bought] a sawed-off
Nigga wait for me to fall off but I wonít get hauled off 
in a casket.Iím all about blastin
Dope be the cabbage.You know that makes us savage

            Master P:
I guess that makes me a G
Cause I done flipped an half-an-ounce to a quarter key
On a come-up and bubblin up and doublin up 
and all these niggas jealous cause the P sellin quarters,bro
In the hood like Ice Cream
All yaíll niggas corner check me.I done killed em with the triple beam
And yaíll mad cause Iím rich and famous
just like Amus,but still a gangsta
So call me a hustla
and if you a playa hater,nigga,then your nameíll be Mr. Busta
In No Limit,niggas donít like playa haters
We got them mothafuckin regulators
Nine millimeter fully strapped
Yo Cuz,bust motherfuckin caps

            Mo B. Dick:
Iím just a playa from around the way
Iím hustlin just to see another day
Master P and Silkk,they gettin paid
The No Limit soldiers,hey,they donít play
From New Orleans all the way to the Bay
The Ice Cream Man you know that he donít play
He donít play.He donít play