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Artist: Master P f/ Curren$y
Album:  Good Side Bad Side
Song:   Com.3
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[Master P *talking*]
Yo Mike take me to the commercial man
so I can tell why I never fall off
you know what I'm saying, before I do
I sell all the houses and cars I got
I'm a hustler man, we losin and get it back easy
but you know what, I ain't just bout the music man
I'm sellin clothes, the P.Miller clothes
you go pick that up, if you ain't got it
got the P.Miller pads, you know, where the jeans came from
well, the girls gotta have that
Than I got the new watches man
you ain't gotta go to Jacobs no more to get no watch man
I got the iced out colour ice, it's called Master Pieces
so y'all better pick that up real soon
and you go to Circus City man and pick up my platinum speakers man
I got amp speakers, tweeters, all that type of stuff
Oh yeah, you ain't gotta go to Nike or Adidas and all that no more
I got the P.Miller Jump-Off's man, I got the shoes and the tennis shoe
I'ma let my lil partner, Curren$y take y'all to my tennis shoe commercial
y'all can see what I'm talkin bout, handle that, braw

*beat falls in*

Man, a dude should have been in the league
and jump shots are monster, mo player are scared of his D
and you should cop a pair of these sneaks
Rather you got game on the court, or you play in the street
Jump Off's, you gotta respect that there
So light-weight, feels like you walkin on air
So good and the posers are most not fair
A lil pair of defenders just stop and stare
Rather you play big, and rather you play small
If you like to assist or if you above all
Or if you just a fan in the game
P.Miller, new sneakers, Jump Off's, remember the name