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Artist: Master P f/ Howie T
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Spotlight
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(Intro, Master P)
These niggas don't know what being independent is all about
We go way back on 'em and shit
Man these niggas'll sell they fucking soul for the spotlight
Shit, they want that

(Hook, Master P & Howie T)
Do anything for spotlight
They trickin for the spotlight
Sell they soul for the spotlight
Niggas look at me and now they want my life
It's all about the spotlight
Girls will turn for the spotlight
Niggas doin it for the spotlight
Shit, it's bout that spotlight

(Verse 1, Master P)
Niggas takin rides to Hollywood, turning into fags
Niggas sell they baby mama for a motherfucking Jag
Listenin to families just throw it in the bag
And these mothafuckas mad they ain't never had the shit that I had, for the spotlight
Nigga comin from the projects
Rappers livin off advances, never had a royalty check
And how a nigga gon' make it faking, dog?
At the least, marrying hoes that used to take it off
A nigga like me take my loss and shake it off
I'd rather go back to nothing than let you bitches ball
Fuck the TV, the movie deals, the spotlight
Before I let a bitch like Kris Jenner run my life

(Hook, Howie T)
Do anything for the spotlight
Sell they soul for the spotlight
Take it off for the spotlight
See it's all about the spotlight
Do anything for the spotlight
Sell they soul for the spotlight
Take it off for the spotlight
See, it's all about the

(Verse 2, Master P)
Niggas seen the TLC movie and still doing bad deals
Three-Sixty nigga, yeah that's a fuckin bad deal
Wearing fake chains, living in other niggas houses
And always talking millions, nigga never even seen thousands
In the studio waiting on your A&R
And while that nigga rolled up in a better car...
Than you got, nigga why you fakin homie?
And that bad ho you lusting for is taken, homie
I'd rather get independent money than be a puppet
Yeah nigga, you a star but you still a guppy
Sold ya soul to the devil and you keep frontin
Most D-Boys got more than you, you ain't got nothin

(Outro, Master P [Hook repeats])
I ain't fucking wit'chu pussies out here playin posse
All that old shit about "I gotta go check with my manager"
"I gotta go check with the president of my company"
Nigga, if you ain't no real nigga, don't fuck wit me
I ain't tryina do no verses wit'chu
I ain't tryina do no videos wit'chu
I ain't tryina fuck wit no fake nigga
All my real niggas, y'all hold y'all head up man, y'all time comin
I done did this shit twice nigga
I get better with time
Yo neph', keep doin what'cha doin my nigga
And 1500 got me sounding so dangerous...
I'm in the spotlight nigga... on my own
80/20, No Limit Forever; You do the math