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Artist: Master P f/ Silkk the Shocker
Album:  The Gift
Song:   Change Ya Life
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yo Silkk (yeah P), these new big faces
Look like monopoly money right, (yeah it do, sure do)
Free C-Murder (huh), free T.E.C. (yeah)
T-R-U No Limit Forever, (that's what it is)
We get better with time, we don't window shop we buy it
(uh-huh), everyday is a good day even when it rains
Cause everyday we make it rain, get your umbrellas

[Master P]
We went from hallways, to the motherfucking skyscraper
Went from powdered milk and eggs, to getting mo' paper
Young nigga on the block, nigga buy a hater
Rome wrecked the Ferrari, bitch I got insurance papers
Ain't nobody gon' touch me, real nigga
Sharks in the water, put a hole in your Hilfiger
We don't do money machines, we can't count money
Cause if you could count money, you ain't really got money
Black card, walked out from a shopping spree
I'm overseas under trees, blowing foreign weed
My tour bus full up, with them supermodels
My daughter broke a vase in the house, that's a million dollars

[Chorus - 2x]
Mo'fucker we don't stunt, we ride (we ride)
And nigga we don't window shop, we buy (we buy)
And in the dark, I could bring the light (bring the light)
So fuck with me, and I could change your life (change your life)

[Silkk the Shocker]
At number one can't get no higher, now that I'm back man I'm on fire
Look I want it I buy it, I mess with her she could retire
Make in sync just like a choir, they should crown me call me sire
I don't mess with a lot of these rap dudes, for the simple fact man most of em liars
Man they look like nothing they look like fronting, me man I just look like money
Looking all bummy they looking all funny, look at my suitcase look all hunnids
Yeah they wanna touch it but, I wouldn't even like try that
Ya'll city remind me of Disneyland, and my city remind me of Iraq
Blow a mill like it was five racks, they asking me I'm like why ask
Maybe cause I get so much money, they like Shocker man why rap
Take a boat there maybe fly back, I don't window shop I just buy that
And I don't test drive I look I like, I buy it then I just drive back

[Chorus - 2x]