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Artist: Master P f/ Silkk the Shocker
Album:  Ghetto D
Song:   Weed and Money
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-Check this out 
-You a playa if you got bitches and blunts in your house, right? 
(right right) 
-but you a motherfuckin' TRU g, 
 if you get the muffins and she pay for the trees 
-Understand what I'm sayin', nigga you feel me? 
-Ya'll Captain Kirk ass niggaz ain't gonna survive 
 in this 97 space age hustle 
(so what you sayin'?) 


Ya'll live for bitches and blunts 
We live for weed and money 

(repeat 8x) 

(Master P verse 1) 
I stack greens like cheese 
Smoke weed with g's 
Sell cream to fiends 
And roll with beams 
Playa haters can't take me, hungry bitches can't break me 
God you made me, but ain't no man gone fade me 
Got me deep in this game, some niggaz don't change 
Have mercy on P, just tryin' to have change 
In my pockets I'm knockin', the feds can't stop me 
Most hoes they jock me, I got knots in my pockets 
Caviar and bitches, 6-4 and switches 
Champagne and riches, but cooking keys in kitchens 
Mansions with marble floors, knocking off chocolate hoes 
Boots with ignition, Ferraris and drop rolls 
I live with killers, dealers and TRU niggaz 
No Limit guerrilas, mercenary killers 
Beat's by the Pound, haters get clowned 
Gone worldwide, but true to the underground 

(P and Silkk) 
Blow coheva blunts, keep e'm rollin' up 
Got your bitch fiening bro, P meaning what 

(chorus 8x) 

(Master P verse 2) 
I scream with riches, tag teaming with bitches 
96 we went gold, haters thought we was finished 
97 went platinum, now they screaming NO LIMIT 
TRU niggaz don't fall off this only the beginning 

(P and Silkk) 
Coming up for what, making hella bucks 
Niggaz getting bumped or what, counting cash up 
Got this game sewed up, niggaz straight up no cut 
But ya'll couldn't fuck with us, ya'll couldn't fuck with us 

(Master P) 
Swingin' like Titanic, niggaz see us and panic 
After big bucks no whami, on our way to the grammy 
Ya'll couldn't fuck with killers, they call us dealers 
Niggaz livin' for scrilla, banking with peelas 

(P and Silkk) 
Army fatigues, niggaz straight like g's 
Livin' like soldiers with g's, soldiers at ease 
Slangin' fuckin' tapes like keys, swang 'em just like keys 
From Richmond to New Orleans, we be ballin' 
Keep them bitches down on they knees, keep 'em on they knees 
Got them smokin' on our weed, but not for free 

(chorus 8x) 

Ya'll live for bitches and blunts 
I live for weed to make money 
Man I want so much cash when I wake up in the mornin' 
I can't even much count it 
Silkk the Shocker, or should I say 
The black Frank Nitty see, 
Oz's to make g's 
the mayor gave me and P keys to the city 
Livin' an American dream 
5 karats on my pinky ring 
Ladies wanna make love to me 
Niggaz wanna look at me all mean 
But it's aaight cause you still wonder 
I don't want your old lady 
But she still flip me the number, I wish she'd flip me some money 
See um, it's aight to have cash and thangs 
Ghetto millionares to live fashion man 
600 we gonna be smashin' man 
But since I can't spend no bitches 
So I need some cash and thangs