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Artist: Master P
Album:  Ghetto Bill
Song:   Whole Hood
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Master P] + (children singing)
(He got the whole hood, in his hands) {*repeat 3X*}
(He got the whole hood in his hands)
I got the thugs in the South, in my hand
I got them thugs in the East, in my hand
I got the North and the West, in my hand
Ghetto Bill got 'em in his hand

[Master P]
I'm a FOOL shorty, so watch me flow
I'm so gutter, so gangster, and I got dough
I'm in the Guinness Book of Records, I could never go broke
I'm the first kid out the project to get a TV show
Man, I'm on the block, clockin scrilla
I don't wear Reeboks or Nikes I wear, P. Millers
And my shoes I lace 'em up when I'm goin to war
I'm the first one to put Sprewells on a luxury car
Man, I'm ghetto fab, check out my gold grill
Like {?} half twisted, they call me Ghetto Bill
I'm a No Limit Soldier but I love the kids
Send money to the pen, C done doin a bid
Even though I keep ballin I done made it big
I'm still stuck to the hood tryin to save these kids
And I'll do whatever just to save these kids
I got the whole hood in my hands


[Master P]
Be all you can be, be the greatest
Like Muhammad Ali, make 'em love you when they haters
See, it's a trip when you follow your dreams
You like donuts and milk?  You could buy a Krispy Kreme
You could be educated, and still be a thug
You could say no to drugs and still have fun in the club
You could be a movie star, and turn into the governor
Or rap like Romeo and still listen to your mother mayne
Ain't nuttin wrong with makin it out of the hood
But never forget where you came from shawty it's all good
I'd like to thank BET, for believin in me
Steven Hill, Miss Penny, my boy, Kelly G
I done, reinvented myself and I'm back on top
I guess, that's one for the boys on my block
See I'm a No Limit Soldier like Chucky Atkins
Just to make 'em say UNNGGHHH got it on and crackin

[Chorus] - to fade