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Artist: Master P f/ Ashleey
Album:  Ghetto Bill
Song:   It's All Good
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I've been tryin to call you baby, where you at?
[P] I'm out here on the block thuggin
[P] After this, you ain't gon' have to want for nuttin, ya heard?

I've been waitin on you, for all night long
Thinkin 'bout what I'll do when you get home
Boy I'll cook for you, massage you too
And give you that freaky good lovin if you want me to

[Chorus: Master P - repeat 4X w/ Ashleey in the background]
It's all good shorty, this be the hood shorty
Paradise straight up the road through the wood shorty

[Master P]
Wanna take you to, paradise cause the hood is hot
We done seen so many people in the hood get shot
And I, don't wanna see my baby cry
Anything happen to you I'm down to ride or die
And, I know the kids come first
But I love puttin money in your Louis Vuitton purse - can you feel me?
Girl you lookin beautiful
Let's get your nails done, on a plane or a boat
You deserve the finer thangs
Like Jaguars, minks, and diamond rangs
A mansion with a big piano
We can live like the Black Sopranos
They say all good girls love thug niggaz
I guess that's why I'm so in love wit'cha
Let's ride, let's ride
Me and you we can thug to the other side


[Hook: Ashleey]
I want it, I want it
I really really want it
I'm gonna, put it on ya
So tell me that you want it
I need it, I need it
I really really need it
I'm gonna, put it on ya
So tell me that you want it

[Master P]
Put you in a bubble I Bentley with the matchin top
Hit the mall shawty, you can shop 'til you drop
I told you I'ma change your world
Designer names, you that kind of girl
Diamond rangs with the Rolex
You need a dress, Liz Claiborne can drop into the pro-jects
You put my name on your body and I'm feelin that
You told me never let the hood hold you back
You was there when I needed ya
Now, I don't mind {?} pleasin ya
Girl we used to thug together
On the block, even hit the club together
Wakin up to Kool-Aid and Crist'
Now you got the ice the size of Hershey's Kiss
I went to jail, youse the first to come visit
Now I'm home, anythang you want, girl go get it


[Hook] - as music fades