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Artist: Master P f/ Alley Boy
Album:  Al Capone
Song:   Brick to a Million
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(Intro, Master P)
New niggas wearin dresses
Fuck it, I ain't scared to address it
Gangsta niggas on skateboards?
I'm at the house breakin motherfuckin headboards
Real niggas stand up
Three dollar niggas, y'all man up
Real niggas stand up
I ain't hatin, three dollar niggas man up

(Hook X2, Master P)
Candy paint on my foreign whip
Frito Lay, we got corn chips
Middle finger, we don't give a fuck
Turn a brick to a million bucks

(Verse 1, Master P)
Fake niggas just ride off
I'm the corporation bitch, and the bylaw
You da motherfuckin secretary
You got on lipstick, nigga lookin hella scary
Bitch nigga, be gone bitch
Starin at me, what's wrong bitch?
I'm in the Louis shoes and the shirt
Ho nigga, you got a Louis purse
Bitch nigga, you ain't right
Mad at me cause my paper right
M-M-Mad at me cause my paper right
And you know your bitch ass can't even fight

(Hook X2)

(Verse 2, Alley Boy)
Slutty boy gang bitch
Who I came with? Three hoes, one day
Fuckin with the same dick
No Metro, thirty-eight special
Left when she asked for some snaps on the petrol
That's a no-no
Louis, no logo
Liquor store, fuck her pussy up and down; pogo
What's next? High def, shoot slow mo
In between her legs til my dreads in a cornrow
Find me fuckin on a bad ass ho
LA dick with the DC flow
Louis V sheets, so she keep it on the low
Got a nigga out the streets, stripper bitch for my bro

(Hook X2)

(Verse 3)
What these faggot niggas on, P?
Me and Tre, Louis down on in DC
Hey, I see these niggas main ho choosin
Red bitch, green eyes with a big booty
He gets his shit pushed back for the right sack
I got the targets on sight, we gon' eat that
I ain't with the "new cool", we just gettin money
Foreign whip, candy paint, that gon' look funny
I got tenants out and bitches for the foreign car
Quarter piece, move it on, we gon' fuck 'em all
Missichko errday, sushi roll, salmon
Master P find me in just one alley

(Hook X2)