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Artist: Ma$e
Album:  Welcome Back
Song:   Gotta Survive
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[Ma$e talking]
I dont regret nothing that I have ever done
At this point I dont owe nobody an explanation

Man, they love you when you up
Kick you when you down
Look around, VH1 man, where are they down
Life is amusing, nobody like to see you cruising
But everybody like to see you losing
So I stop despise, on top of lies
And if it prophesized I'll be ostracized
One day, I lost my rodium on the day I hit the podium
Now im back on top and salty like sodium
A gift to this world man, wrap me with a ribbon
Why do you look for a dead among the living
Some thought I was crazy, some said I was dissing
Some said I was lazy, some said I was different
I was so loaded, that everybody floated
But once i got the notice then I got focused
And then I saw the motive, so everybody rode it
So I did the way wrote it and live it the way I quote it (come On)

Gotta survive in this life that's being given to me
When it seems that the world keeps crushing on me
When I'm down at the back, just keep it real
Gotta survive, gotta survive
Gotta Survive in this life that's being given to me
So I try and I try to be really true
When it seems that the world keeps crushing on me
Gotta survive, gotta survive

Hold up, trying to tell me what I'm not
Pull up in the 'Bach, not I'm all of the sudden hot
Now they want to stop just to look at what I got
Thought they want my home man, left me out to rot
So i had to make it on my own, take it on my own
I wanted out the hood I had to 'scape it on my own
Believe me now, it's easy now
'cause everybody see me now and I'm on TV now
But it started out with low budget
Then I took it around the world the folks love it
In the beggining man, my life it was so rugged
But now I shine like a gold nugget, cause I made the most of it
I know how you feeling man, I was weary
Some days I used to sit there, my eyes all teary
Thinking to myself, do anybody hear me
Now I know, you making it out is not a theory (come on)


I've been laughed at, talked about, ridiculed
But I got a Bentley and I'm still not a bitter dude
And you know it's not coincidence, that me and you is not so intimate
I can't fake, I don't shake, I don't break
I don't lose, I dont use, I dont groove
I never lacked and I'm never going back
I'm nothing you ever sorrow
I'm telling you that I'm immortal

[Chorus, plus]
Got to, got to survive
keep your head held high
Got to, got to survive
keep your head to the sky
Got to, got to survive
We can make it everytime
Got to, got to survive
Gotta survive, gotta survive

[Chorus with Ma$e talking over it]
You know there is nothing in this world that could seperate me
From what I believe, from what I've achieved
All of this is because of him
And I'm telling you now, as much as you all don't want to hear this
I could do nothing to myself
It's all through him (2X)
So all around the world
You don't even know success until you know him
And him is Jesus, Jesus