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Artist: Ma$e f/ Kanye West
Album:  Welcome Back (Remix) 12"
Song:   Welcome Back (Remix)
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This is a classic, just add this to the rest of them

[Chorus 2X: Ma$e] + (Kanye West)
See I know what you all like
That's why it's goin' to be alright
Everything is all night
(See what my face felt, know how Ma$e felt, c'mon her ya John Legend)
Harlem back be alright, Fo' Reel be alright, Ma$e is back be alright

Ma$e said c'mon, Mike said chamone
Started it up early up like Ravon Simone
Keisha Knight-Pull, Emmanuel
I dropped out of school with no manual
Nottin' hand a dude, did I complain
Everytime magazines try to take my name
But ya'll can't hold me down like a restrain
I took the T out the word can't
'round same time when Nas said I can
Bush sendin' our fam to Iran
I'm in the club with a henny ass in my other hand
Lord please forgive me, I'm just a man
Right now I'm trying to make some adjustments
Before they do me like they did Janet and Just' and 'em
Me and my couz and them
Trying to rap like bust and and them
And my clothes was busted and bummy
But I ain't eva, eva, accept no money from these so called sponsors
They was in Benzes, I was in Hondas
Now I wonder where they all at like Ananda
Ummm... yea... that something to ponder
The money I make on this one's for Donda
That's west to you, you the next
I can't hold my breath for you
What you need to do is turn up some decibels
And put some more zeroes in front of that decimal, nigga


Arm frozen on, diamonds and all
Macerate for guy rose in on
Different color Louis open toes and all
I try to tell the chick don't expose it all
Country dudes mouth full gold and all
Bay area chick, cornrows and all
I do it right, I do my wife
Leave the hoes for y'all
From the boutique, I might close the mall
I drink my Geico and turn it Gecko
I wave the Roley, you wave the Seiko, need I say mo'
More diamond than Lisa Ray
I'm no replica, I am the DNA
Breeze cool, leave you like a hurricane
Somebody get killed, the whole borough blame
M.A. dollar, that's a thorough name
No matter who comes through, I'm forever the king
I shoulda neva left the game, that's what a cutie said
Still trick blowing my up like newly wed
I'm grown and sexy, done with the groupie head
In the milk white Phantom seats, and ruby red
You heard the rumor, listen to the facts
I drop my cars in pairs like pity pat
When I'm done with this track, feel like biggie back
The game is country
I came to bring the city back
I came, I came to bring the city back


[Outro: Ma$e]
Fo Reel put your hands up
Good Music put your hands up
Bad Boy put your hans up
Rocafella put your hands up
Chi-town put your hands up
NY put your hands up
Miami put your hands up
Texas put hands up

{*keep going until song fades*}