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Artist: Mase f/ Puff Daddy
Album:  Harlem World
Song:   Do You Wanna Get $?
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Uh, uh, come on, uh 
It be the same cats that wouldn't listen to my demo 
Now I want they ass in my limo cuz now I'm a sex symbol 
Intercontinental, L.A. airplay, just like Jay Leno 
Now all the labels out wanna send a memo 
To do a remix ya'll, but Mase say N-O 
Figure once I make it, they'll fake it 
And ain't nobody show me love when I was naked 
And when he threw my tape in the trash, I laughed 
Now a nigga' tape on blast, I laugh 
Figure as days pass, make more cash 
And I push everything from E to H-class  
Four years ago couldn't go to a show 
I was standin' on the corner sellin' dope for dough 
Now I no longer hope I'll blow, smoke my droll 
On a yacht, nigga fuck a boat that row 

1 - 	With all this money that we can make, 
	Why ya'll cats wanna playa hate? 
	Do you wanna get money with us, do you wanna?
	Do you wanna get money with us, do you wanna? 
	With all this money that we can make 
	Why ya'll cats wanna playa hate? 
	Do you wanna get money with us, do you wanna? 
	Do you wanna get money with us, do you wanna? 

Yo, the reality of it all, everybody can't ball 
If you had currency, you wouldn't be worryin' 'bout me 
But see, I could go the whole summer, gold Hummer 
But I'd rather go Lex bubble, cuz it's less trouble 
Make my dough and I just stack, no investment 
I live off just that 
Money, hoes, and clothes, and shit that I'm best at 
But I'm a Bad Boy so you gotta expect that 
Why do what most do? Do what you 'possed to 
Make hot jams ya'll, sell bicoastal 
If you want a hit you can let me coach you 
Money back on anything that got my vocals 
This is so true, I do what pros do, 
Cuz broke ain't a state that I'm tryin' to go through 
Dealers give me credit any place I go to 
Drive out in the Benz say "Let Mase owe you'"

Repeat 1

See, the moral of the story is 
I'm not here to replace Notorious 
I'm just a young cat tryin' to do his thing 
Harlem World style, pursue my dream, cuz see 
The things that went 3 mil, I didn't even like that 
You say you got mad hoes, well we'll see tonight
Mase be the cat that'll lead you to the light 
Messin' with me shorty, you'll be a-ight 
Stop listen' to all them cats on the block 
That tellin' you that Mase don't rock 
Cuz Mase is hot and Mase got a drop and a yacht and a big knot
To move you and your moms off the block 
For real though, Mase got real dough
That be in briefcases cats kill fo' 
And since you can't beat us, it's best you join us 
Cuz I know you won't have this hold that's on us 

Repeat 1 until fade