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Artist: Marc Live f/ 50 Cent
Album:  Validation - Attack of the Grunge
Song:   Welcome to My World
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Marc Live]
Fuck you motherfuckers
I don't give a FUCK
I don't care who you are, or who the fuck you THINK you are nigga
This is "Validation" bitch
Yeah... let's go!
Brand new... c'mon!!

I'd like to welcome you to my world, my whole circle
My whole click, my whole life, my big story
The drugs, the women, the evil we go through
The money, the truth, the ghetto I owe you
I'd like to welcome you to my world
My whole circle, my whole click, the whole story
The drugs, the women, the evil we go through
The money, the truth, the ghetto I owe you

[Marc Live]
Aiyyo it's been a long time, so niggaz welcome
I won't say a whack rhyme so don't expect one
Okay check one (two) it's the beginning
of the end of most overdose that don't listen
I won't let you down, I won't go industry
I won't go out, you won't get a piece of me
Cause the verse is the worst, please hear me
Yo I can toast any coast, come get wit me
Run with me, it's the new generation of gritty
All filthy, the shit is all sickly
I represent BX so you can come check me
The hood rep me, the underground respect me
The new movement, millions'll feel me
The kids will swallow, the hood will follow
This is the picture, the movie, the epic
The big production in trilogy, go get it


[50 Cent]
All this cash y'all niggaz sayin y'all got
I'll kill you if you show me, stay low-ki'd on Adidas and jewels
From a O.G., I'm a cool nigga
But don't think I won't stunt on you, cut the roof off the 6
Come through your strip and front on you
My G have hoes that hardly know me
Wantin to blow me and niggaz who know me who owe me
know not to rock they Roleys, they be sayin "50 son
He be on that funny shit," nah for real
I kill y'all niggaz on some get this money shit, see it's simple
My comin was rough not gentle, my flow'll fuck wit'cha mental
My hook'll fuck up your dental, it's the shit I done been through
Heard I almost wrapped a 911 rental into a Lincoln Continental
on the Grand Central gettin head, from this bad-ass oriental
Never dissed a nigga accidental
Shit if I did it I meant to it's tooooo hot
Tooooo hot, niggaz runnin around here bustin they glocks
Police goin crazy respondin to shots
Got niggaz in stolen cars runnin from cops

[Marc Live]
Yo, yo, you gotta love it baby
Episode two, bella gangsta