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Artist: Marc Live f/ Kool Keith
Album:  Validation - Attack of the Grunge
Song:   Star Wars
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, yo Marc, this is your album
The beginning

[Chorus: Marc Live]
I been everywhere, the clubs, the backrooms, the V.I.P.'s
Red carpets, bright lights it's not news
Top of the roof wit'cha girl yo you old news
Back of the club with thugs yo we got you

[Marc Live]
I got some shit to show you
Not Russell Simmons, yo it's not "The Show" dude
Some real life shit, "Episode - Part II: Attack of the Clones"
Attack of the clowns that's out there right now
Studio thugs with the studio drugs now
Everybody got shot this year
So what?  I'm tired, niggaz get shot every year
Yeah, and everywhere yeah, what's up
What's up with niggaz with these new sets?  Yeah
Uhh, you from New York cousin, never even banged yet
Peace to Lil' C, this is for you dawg
I "Shut 'Em Down" like Chuck and Flav
I bust 'em down like it's first and it's re-up day
"Training Day," "The War Report"
Corrupt rapper, I'll turn your lights out
Like some ol' Clapper commercial, the clappers'll hurt you

[Chorus] - 2X

[Kool Keith]
Fuck it I did my thing but not yet
Shit on your girl's eyelid, watch the girls wake up with Hershey spots
Ex-Lax exposed from my ass
Move the ladies out, I roll with stock tips around your head
Macy's and A&S, you motherfuckers know I come with the chocolate makeup
My urine is cold, rappers with the Benzes, clean out your seats quick
My defecation is on your wristband
How does it feel when a tough rapper move up close and shit on ya hand
My bowels move with Chuckwagon, a glass of water, and three cans of Calcan
Diapers shock you, blow in front of the fan
Turds on your glove compartment shows with the Pepto Bismol
It's guaranteed a hundred grand, girls sit a lot in restaurants
Especially fine ones, they shit a lot
You can't talk that much around that mouth, spit a lot

[Chorus] - 2X

[Marc Live]
That's right, it's real, it's crazy
Welcome to the circus
Kool Keith, Marc Live, Rockstar
Yeah, S.M.G.
Get the fuck outta here