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Artist: Mr. Marcelo f/ Curren$y, Mystikal
Album:  Streetz Got Luv 4 Me
Song:   I'll Do U Something
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Hook: Curren$y - 2x]
You don't wanna fuck around, cause we'll do you some'ing
Load em up and knock ya down, cause we'll do ya some'ing
You don't want no fucking beef, cause we'll do ya some'ing
My people know where you sleep, and we'll do ya some'ing

Bitch I'll do ya some'ing, do ya some'ing
Thinking if I cut you in your motherfucking head, it ain't gon' do you nothing
Bitch this ain't no bluffing
Thinking all these niggaz and these weapons in this bitch, ain't bout no busting
Time to get with ya, coming to get ya
If I hit you where your dick at, it's gon' come out where you sit at
My murder weapon, knows best
If you ain't got on no vest, it's gon' get grotesque 
Uh, we making noise all day
I tried to tell em, but them bitches gotta learn the hard way
Pistol play, war in the hallways
AK spray, games start playing bitch I'll do ya some'ing

[Hook - 2x]

[Mr. Marcelo]
Now picture the brick liver, make em get up and scram
Packing two .38's, like Yosemite Sam
Who want it with me, the dirty deputy in the South
Pull a pin and leave flames, from a grenade in your mouth
Laying you out, naw whodie that was last year
And gats, ain't the only thang us fellas pack here
'Fore it's over, they be yelling 'Celo done that shit
Cause I don't stop popping, till the gun go click
I run this shit, and my dogs will quickly get at ya
Have niggaz in your own hood, hitting and spitting at ya
Fifty shots heading at ya, like it ain't bout nothing
Marcelo a ghetto nigga, and he quick to do ya some'ing

[Hook - 4x]