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Artist: Mr. Marcelo f/ Doe Doe, Master P, Wango
Album:  Brick Livin'
Song:   Ha Brah
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[Mr. Marcelo]
Niggas was like un huh brah
Never that tha Callio & Magnolia would hook up & now niggas like ha brah
Say brah it's Tuff Guys, it's Big J brah
We cock back & spray & watch ya lay brah(ha brah)
Nothin' can save ya (ha brah) cause Tuff Guys tha shit
Wrong niggas to fuck wit, is tha niggas I'm stuck wit(ha brah)
We huff puff & blow ya house down
You fuckin' wit them 3rd Ward killas in they own battleground(ha brah)
Hush, be quiet now or get that ass found deep
Underground, uptown, whodi read 'em & weep(ha brah)
Put tha word in, we rock ice & pump an Excursion
Me & Vic watchin' TV on tha I-10 swervin'(ha brah)

Chorus: [Master P]
Ha brah I'm tha realest mothafucka you know
Plus I brought a couple homies, Wango & Doe Doe

Now them Callio niggas takin' it all
An if you thinkin' you a baller , nigga well ball(ha brah)
Well check it out dawg I'm about to flip this nigga
Shit done got hectic & tha price has got bigga(ha brah)
Tommy Hilfiger made a nigga recognize
I see these niggas chillin' wit my own two eyes(ha brah)
Now what if I wasn't a Tuff Guy
Would you let that nigga ride
Look fuck no nigga, that nigga gotta die
Then I get what's mine
My heart like valentine
Look I break my crew off & my niggas doin' time
Nigga fuck gettin' my shine
Nigga I'm your crime
Now do you fuckin' mind
Let me get what's mine(ha brah)


[Doe Doe]
Nigga I'm Doe Doe(ha brah)
Tuff Guys E-N-T, C-E-O
Say brah yall betta know(ha brah)
We roll deep in that mothafuckin' Lio
Yall better believe Master P
fuckin' wit one of us, niggas a be a million deep on yo street(ha brah)
Packin' that heat
Strictly to have a toe tag put on your bitch ass feet(ha brah)
Cause comin' from C-P-3
Ain't no retreat9ain't none of that)
Nigga we livin' foul & wild
Havin' shit we only dreamed as a child(ha brah)
This shit is for real
So if you ain't bout that steel
I'm just tellin' you what's real
Bet you bitch ass chill(ha brah) before I get ill
I know yall nigga shook by this million dolla hook
But that's how it is when your rollin' fuckin' wit crooks(ha brah)