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Artist: Mac Miller f/ Bun B
Album:  I Love Life, Thank You (Mixtape)
Song:   All That
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Bun B]
The people think it's all about the fame
And the money and the status and the game
But it's deeper than all that

[Mac Miller]
They just want the women and the cars
Getting high so they can chill with some stars
But it's deeper than all that

[Bun B]
They thinking that it's all about the shows
And the chains hanging down on your clothes
But it's deeper than all that

[Mac Miller]
We're here to change the world with this thing called rap
Homie, believe me, it's all that

[Verse 1: Bun B]
I got that money on my mind, the grind
And the ability, the knowledge and the know-how
Stamina and agility
Soon as I step in the facility these haters start
Testing my civility, I'm telling you
They killing me. some of them feeling me
And some of them be grilling me but
I just blow my kush smoke up to the ceiling g
Yeah, and take a toke of the swisher smoke
They got the paint and the brush, but not the picture, loc
What is an emcee if he can't rap?
Just a monkey with a mic just waiting to get slapped
What is a dj if he can't scratch?
The one rotten apple that's spoling the whole bag
What is a b-boy if he can't break?
Might as well do the dougie or even the harlem shake
And what is a graffiti artist if he don't tag?
No homophobia, but he's a fag
Cause it's deeper than all that...


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
One time for the world cause we do it for y'all
That logo light up in the sky when the studio call
Moving the crowd, get em loud without a gimmick
Spit with a golden ticket, I'm whipping it up in minutes
My feet up in this game
Rapping even made a divot
Don't worry about the critics
If it's happening now, forget it
For my heart is where I give it
Stay thinking about the future
When I'm rich, I'm a call my mom before I call the movers
These haters are just losers
Hate to see you winning
Gave my? the beginning
I'm in it for extra innings
Here to change the world like a change clothes
Wouldn't mind a little bankroll, pesos
But I"m right here for way more
What is somebody if they can't love?
A hater... someone give em a hug
We here to change the world with this thing called rap
And homie, believing is all that...