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Artist: Ludacris f/ Big Rube
Album:  Ludaversal
Song:   This Has Been My World
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[Intro: Ludacris]
Over a decade later
Let's toast to the good life
And still livin the hood life
Welcome to my world, Ludaversal!

Listen, I think I got the best job in the world (why?)
Cause I ain't gotta take a piss test
Michael sendin me Jordans every first of the month
Said his kids love me, ain't paid for a pair of kicks since (free J's)
Why is it when a nigga get rich (get rich)
The whole world just wanna give you some free shit
Haha, ain't that about a bitch?
Especially when they told me I'll never do shit or be shit
I made it and never took it for granted
Took off and I never landed, supply whatever demanded
And no it was never handed it to me (no)
I kicked it off with me and my special team, than Chaka and Jeff ran it to me
Touched down on my own turf
Money and bitches second, me in my microphone first (I need one)
And no I'm not surprised at my own worth
Been takin niggaz to school, go do your homework

[Chorus: Ludacris]
Yeah, and I've been goin 'round in circles
Like every day is a rehearsal
Is my life yo' entertainment?
This has been my world, Ludaversal
This has been my world, Ludaversal
This has been my world, Ludaversal
My life, yo' entertainment
This has been my world, Ludaversal

Look, almost every day I'm wakin up in another city
Another country, a different climate or time zone
Jet lag but I'm out of the bed fast
for bad foreign bitches that I'm eager to lay my eyes on
So I opened up the blinds, turn the sky on
Wish that I could talk to God on my iPhone (hello?)
I thank Him for all of His generosity
And for satisfyin most of my curiosity
Fans askin me what it's like to be me
I always tell 'em it's more good than bad
They say "I want what you got"
I tell 'em "You'll never have SHIT if you don't appreciate what you have" (preach)
So I've learned to appreciate all the simple things
Like some good head and a fine wine
We all goin through life searchin for answers
And I been all around the world tryna find mine


Seems like every day is a holiday
Celebratory poppin bottles and model days (toast!)
Stereotypical rap shit personified
From eight albums committin lyrical homicide (woo!)
These airports like international mazes
Now my passport needs additional pages (stamp)
Then I'm starin out at another horizon
Stayin fly even in the no-fly zone (hah)
Body's on board but my mind's gone (mind's gone)
And no better feelin than when I fly home (fly home)
Starin out the window of a plane and it rains
Even the clouds need a shoulder to cry on (ohh)
I'm cryin cause I'm livin out my dreams (dreams)
But this life's not as easy as it seems (seems)
It's sorta similar to a crack game
Ain't no slowin down when you livin in the fast lane


[Outro: Big Rube]
Life is a gift
And we have a responsibility to live it
From the first breath to the last
Our future is built on the foundation of our past
Experience is a professor
And its tests are the highest pressure
While we can't afford to crack, we must bear not to break
Like a reed in the wind we go with the flow
While still reaching for the light
Avoid useless conflict, while never running from the fight
The struggle that forever brought me is just beneath the surface
I'm dedicating to the service of self and to my people
And to never feeding the beast of unnecessary evil
We say the most when saying the least
Taking action to display our character
From the first second we start to feast until the day we break this barrier
So disparaging is the civilized savage
Relegated to antiquation, only striving to become average
I'm much happier as a maverick, a cowboy that uses his cabbage
To get more green than most niggaz done seen, the good kind and never the bad bitch
The best that life has to give
are the blessings of this life that we live
And every day on every place, not to lose my way I've had to learn me
Just remember, in any existence, it's not the destination, but the journey
Live yo' life...

{"Just Blaze!"}