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Artist: Ludacris f/ Monica
Album:  Ludaversal
Song:   Ocean Skies
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[Intro: portion from the 49th annual GRAMMY Awards]
[Kanye] And the winner, for the best rap album goes to...
	Ludacris, it's your year baby!
{*cheers and applause*}
[Luda]  This goes out to my father, who is in critical condition right now.
	I appreciate your prayers.
	Mr. Wayne Bridges - I love you, I love you.

Rest in peace Wayne Bridges
You're still livin through me
{"J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League"}

Look, I lost my father to the bottle
I'd hug him e'ry day like I might not see him tomorrow
Got enough sorrow for a lifetime
Cause when he was livin I'm thinkin how do I get him to listen when he was seldom in his right mind
My early years I was too young to understand
But I remember the smell of beer and seein all them empty cans
Wakin up, cryin in the night, hearin arguments
Hands off my momma, somehow knew he was the cause of it
Got a lil' older and he got a lil' worse
Drinkin must be his remedy, he got a lil' curse
Well tell me what's the cure for a man who miss his pops?
The beat goes on but the drinkin's gotta stop!

[Chorus: Monica]
If I had have knooooown
I wouldn't see you tomorrow
I would've grabbed ahold of your heart
And put your love in a bottle, hey!
But now you got me drunk off that pain, gone off that sorrow
Wishing every day you were here with me
But now that you're gooooone
I lost my heart to the bottle, to the bottle

Yeah, I lost my father to the bottle
Functionin alcoholics what they called it far as I know
Became a teenager and started to understand
But even through the drinks he still taught me to be a man
So before the hospital where the paramedics rushed him
Any and everybody who met him instantly loved him
Ironic how Conjure would've made him even sicker
Cause who gon' tell him he can't drink none of his son's liquor?
And tell me without my father how am I supposed to manage?
He had the biggest heart but also had that liver damage
So tell me what's the cure for a man who miss his pops?
The beat goes on but the drinkin's gotta STOP!


Not a day goes by that I don't miss you
and don't wish you, were here with me
No matter what you did
I forgive you!

Yeah, I lost my father to the bottle
Tell your parents you love 'em, you might not see 'em tomorrow
I swallow my pride, try to put my problems aside
But I feel so hollow inside, gotta keep my eyes on the prize
Cause I'm steady wishin you were here to see the goals that I plan to reach
You left the day after I put you in my GRAMMY speech
It's almost like you waited just to see me win
Well pops, I can't WAIT until the day we meet again

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Monica]
Can't get over you you you, hey!
Love in a bottle, heyyyyy!
Ohhhhh, we miss youuuu
(I wanna see you tomorrow)
I wanna see you again
(I wanna see you tomorrow)
I wanna see you tomorrow (ohhh-ohhhh)
I miss you you you you you you you
Ohhh, I love youuuu, you you you