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Artist: Ludacris
Album:  Ludaversal
Song:   Lyrical Healing
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[Intro: Ludacris]
Ay man, if you got a problem with somebody
Whatever happened to approachin them?
Lookin at 'em eye to eye
It's too much tweefin goin on in this world
Thumb thuggin is at an all-time high
They startin to take this shit a lil' too far jack
Rappers all in they feelings
Well here goes a little lyrical healing

And hip-hop is, uhh, too many rappers gettin sensitive
Y'all should start a pussy ass nigga initiative
Cause even when I'm not mic'd up I'll fuck your life up
Come to your show when you're crowd surfin and hold a knife up
I'll tell your momma you ain't shit
I hope you skydive and all land in an alligator pit (no, no, noooo!)
Yo' album ain't SHIT, you couldn't sell it at an auction
Your five minutes is up like Antoine Dodson (hide ya kids, hide ya wife)
Meanwhile that Mary Jane got me wiser
And Mr. Jack Daniels is my spiritual advisor (cheers)
Now everybody said I'm strapped and I'm too scary
And keep a hand under the pillow like the tooth fairy
Your favorite rappers say I'm sick and ain't no antidote
They kidnappin my flows, they ain't even leave a ransom note
Your shit is faker than the knock-off man
I'll make you niggaz quit rap and start a hot dog stand (Luda!)