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Artist: Ludacris
Album:  Ludaversal
Song:   Call Ya Bluff
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Yeah, anything you wanna do
I'm ready to do it my nigga, just say so (just say so)
Don't say it on the record with your chest
Leave the booth and then go lay low (OK guys, I'm goin home)
Hidin behind yo' security detail
Actin like a female
I done sold over 20 million records
I could really give a fuck about retail (history's been made!)
Now back to basics (basics)
Back to Adidas with the fat laces (what up Rev Run?)
Back to the Ac' where I'm writin to the track and attack
Get it straight nigga no chasers (hah!)
Age ain't nothin but a number
Luda rappin like he just turned 24 (happy birthday)
Any rapper wanna forget who I am
Every now and then I see 'em I gotta let em knowwwww!
Yo, must I remind ya
You rap like somethin behind ya (who?)
Got paid, but your heart pump Kool-Aid (yeah)
Cover Girl makeup should've signed ya (ha ha!)
Well it's never too late (nope)
15 years nigga never too great (nah)
Fo' years off gettin Hollywood checks
but you niggaz want beef and you lookin like steeeeeak!

[Chorus: Ludacris]
I-I-I see that liquor got you LOOSE, got you LOOSE (got you loose)
When you see me nigga say it like you said it in the booth (in the booth)
I'll make you niggaz lose a TOOTH, lose a TOOTH (lose a tooth)
When you see me nigga say it like you said it in the booth (in the booth)
FUCK y'all niggaz, I'm the TRUTH, I'm the TRUTH (I am the truth)
When you see me nigga say it like you said it in the booth (in the booth)
Now I'm like FUCK callin a TRUCE, call a TRUCE (no truce)
When you see me nigga say it like you said it in the booth

Hol' up (hol' up)
Never fuck with a nigga who got some kids (no!)
Cause when you talk about me then you talk about them
then I gotta come where you live (I'm on the way nigga)
You takin food out they mouth
Now I gotta put a fist in yours (blap!)
I don't play about my hustle, a nigga got all these acres
All my neighbors think I'm flippin them birds (woo!)
Nah, but I be flippin these words (yup)
Anything you hear me sayin I could back up (back it up)
And you talk so tough on the mic
but whenever you in sight nigga somethin don't add up (it don't add up!)
Put your money where your mouth is
Wait, put a gat where your blouse is
You think it's funny cause it's sunny where your house is
Bitch I'll put my muddy ass boots where your couch is (FUCK yo' couch)
I live this shit
You know you do this just for show nigga (déjà vu)
You act as if Ludacris 
just came and took yo' hoe nigga (really?)
You's a hoe nigga (hoe nigga)
Yeah I said it twice
Let this be warning number two
Muh'fucker go and roll the dice (dice)


All real, no fake nigga (yeah)
All gas, no brakes nigga (yeah, hahaha)
All that Simon Said ass shit y'all niggaz got goin on
That itty-pat, pitty-pat elementary school ass shit
Hell is you talkin 'bout nigga?