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Artist: Ludacris f/ Shawnna
Album:  Battle of the Sexes
Song:   Feelin' So Sexy
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{*phone rings twice*}
[Ludacris] Hello?
[Shawnna]  Whassup?
[Ludacris] What's up baby?
[Shawnna]  I need you right now
[Ludacris] What you doin?

[Chorus: Shawnna] + (Ludacris)
I'm all alone in my room, layin on my bed sheets
Come undress me, I'm feelin so sexy
(You feelin so sexy?) I'm feelin so sexy
Come undress me, I'm feelin so sexy
My body's so tight and I'm needin you to stretch me
Come undress me, I'm feelin so sexy
(You feelin so sexy?) I'm feelin so sexy (ha ha)
Come undress me, I'm feelin so sexy

[Ludacris] + (Shawnna)
Well I'm way over on the Southside cruisin in the 'llac
But I'ma make it to yo' crib in 'bout fo' minutes flat
Keep talkin how you're talkin baby, what you got on?
(I got a black lace bra, leather boots and a thong)
Well I'll be there in a double
Expect when I step through the door that it's 'bout to be some muh'fuckin trouble
(Ooh, what you gon' do?) Sweat you out 'til you thirsty
Pin your body to the ground and have you beggin for mercy

Ooh, baby wait a minute, you in my head
If I'm woke or if I'm dreamin I see you in my bed
'Til you makin me MMM, and you makin me YEAH
Now hurry up and make it to me cause you makin me wet

I'm drivin fast as I can baby hold it together
Cause when I get you in my arms I'ma hold you forever
Get you wet as Niagara Falls, a rebel with a cause
I'll be breakin down the do' so tell me where you are


See, you got me eager as a beaver
See this the type shit get you the keys to the Beamer or some cheese if you need it
Cause you got that good-good; you love it how I beat it 
like you stole it when you throw it cause we keep it hood-hood
And I wish you would-would be my slave for the night
We could turn the bedroom into my cave for the night

I'll be yo' favorite delight
And make me call you daddy while I'm takin the pipe
You makin me bite after you push it too deep
I need that type of lovin that'll put you to sleep
I wish you could see

Well I could see it if you want me to, we could get the camera
We could roleplay, you the artist I'll be your manager
You could be the nurse I'm the doc (doc fill me in)
Play "cops and robbers" or "cowboys and Indians"
In the end, let's say you won't know what hit ya
Now I'm pullin in the driveway and comin to getcha!


{*door opens and closes*}
[Shawnna]  Hey baby
[Ludacris] What's up?
[Shawnna]  Took you long enough
[Ludacris] Yeah, I'ma make it worth the wait though, lay down
[Shawnna]  Yeah... {*moans*}
[Ludacris] Mm-hmm, yeah