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Artist: (Lord Jamar f/) Justice, Young Dirty, Young Lord
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   Young Godz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Justice]
Check it out...
Uh-uh-uh-uh, one-two, one-two, baby
Young Dirty, Justice, I like this
Young Lord, Brand Nu, Killa Beez

I watch Star Wars, just to see Yoda
My thoughts get iller, as I get older
A young soldier, since I was pushed in the stroller
My first days of writing, was with the paint roller
Skills more advanced than you fake MC's
Numbers of casualties, increase gradually
As you challenge me, the ultimate
J-U-S-T, I-C-E, G-O-D, Godbody
More than a hobby, that ran through my body
Petite from a comb with a rhyme that's knotty
And blast like a shotty, for those who act snotty
Tryin' stop me, poisonous injected, neck protected
Styles is wreckless, I'm creepin' MC's when ya least expect it
Expect it...

[Young Dirty]
Niggas think they kill phantom, but I killed classic
Shoot automatic, strapped to straight jackets
Killing massive, bodies disappearing like flashes
They ask the Young Dirty when it matters
I keep on stashing, Killa Bee, I keep on stabbing
Something like a fashion, it's a warning
Wake up from your snoring, Dirty bout to get on it
On and on, on and on, switching form
It's on and on, Bush covered as the day go on
Indirect shot, meet the block, two for the hour
Cops come in, nigga, yes I will devour
Blood dripping out talent, knowledge one more hour
High, shots to the heartbeat, fast like fifty darts
Hitman killing smart, they blood turn to form of melting rotten
Niggas scattering like retards, where I live, you can find bodies in K-Mart
Pushing shopping carts, I got killing points, with..

[Young Lord]
Yo, it's the Young Lord, you know the one your wiz run toward
Battle it out, and my tongue is the sword
I run in a code with Supreme Mathematics
Anyone get in my way, they catch static
Electrons, neutrons and protons
I'm thirteen, I give you one to grow on
I keep flowing, like so on and so on
It's showtime, and we about to go on
Little Lord J, Young Dirty, Young Just'
Ain't nobody messing with us
Study ya lessons, cuz they a blessing
That keep you manifesting and not guessing
It's a song how I deal oppression
King Kong got nothing on me, I'm, something to see
From Brand Nubian to the Wu Killa Bee
It's the Young Gods, yes, G-O-D