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Artist: Lord Jamar f/ Sadat X, Queen Tahera Earth
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   Study Ya Lessons
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Sadat X]
The God U Now on that cold December day
Was the weapon that came in to play
I had stress already cuz my father had died
A month previous, I'm already feeling devious
Looking for a cause, just because, no puzzle
You must of seen the muzzle, stay away from the man, found new revenue
Being that I'm God, I had the knowledge from the two brothers
But that day I ran with others, pardon self, let's get deep
Into degrees, exact self square knowledge of the season
Knew that the deeds was drafted, and they had a mystery God
Yes, every day I'm a civilized person
But every day ain't a day at the beach
I had that thing in my arms, nobody was killed
Nothing's for feel, damn, why my father had to die
Didn't use my third eye, Positive Education Corrects All Errors
Nine with the state suit bearer

[Chorus 3x: Lord Jamar]
Study ya lessons

[Queen Tahera Earth]
Yes I be the Queen'a of this Godiva seater
Control the souls in all corners, you better believe
I got that hip, that hop, that jive
That thrive, that make me stay alive
And plus I catch you with my vibe
Brain shit, knowledge is the foundation
To creation, this Nation, the original civilization
My speed brings forth gravitation
But as I turn like the world, get you dizzy when I swirl
Come try to break my cypher, I'm not average girl
I'm like the moon, I come out at night
I'm not a freak, I reached my peak, my foundation's concrete
But if you sleep, unconsciously, you'll be weak
And I keep reflecting light, shining bright constantly
Look at the set up, all in your get-up
Groove where you move, just let me let-up and off
This energy when I express myself, I see the beauty
In me, keep this in order, cuz I'm the daughter
What? Came cross the border, covered in three/fourths of water
I be the third one closest to the sun
My total weight be six sextillion tons of unit
Followed by twenty one cyphers, to have the other miss this
The currents has difference of strong counter resistance
Spinning on my axis, rolling as I'm shifting
Don't try to pick me up, because I'm already lifted
I'm on the M-I-C with G-O-D, doing the J-U-S-T-I-C-E
Study ya lessons, better get in that dirt
It's the Queen Tahera Earth, from mental birth

[Chorus 4x]

[Lord Jamar]
Yo, let's begin with the 1 to 10
Knowledge that, and then come back
I hit you off with the one to thirty six
Teach you about the devil's dirty tricks
How he offered us gold and then renigged
Brought my uncle to the wilderness and fed him pig
We gotta study if I let him live
The one to 14, said "don't never be clean"
But what make rain, hail, snow and earthquakes
To build/destroy degree in the one to forty
The knowledge born degree states what must done
If you don't do your duty, which is to teach civilization
I will require blood, beat you with many stripes
I used to stay up and study in many nights
Actual facts is solar facts
It all comes back to the original black
Man who I am, first in the land
Not hard to understand, all you gotta do is

[Chorus 2X]