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Artist: Lord Jamar f/ Prodigal Sunn
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   Same Ole Girl
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lord Jamar (sample)]
Uh... yeah... let's go
(You're the same ole girl that lived across the street)
Same ole girl (and you were so bad) So bad (who-oh-oh, yeah)
Where you be? Spinning round with God?
(You're the same ole girl that lived across the street)
At the terrific speed of a thousand thirty seven
And the third miles per hour?
(And you were so bad, who-oh-oh, yeah)
That's what's up, yo

[Lord Jamar]
How can I put it in the words, cuz
I love you, just ain't good enough
And when I hug you, it just ain't long enough
And if I lose you, I just ain't strong enough
To keep on, uh, you my whole world
Never felt this way about no girl
Love you more each day, and that's so real
Allow me to display how I feel
You the mother of my children
I will run into a burning building, just to get you out
Search to the ends of the Earth, if you were lost
Held for ransom, our day, any cause
Take any course of action, against any group or faction
To get you back then, I'm never gon' let you get out of sight
Cuz I'm never gon' let you get out of life, no

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs: sample]
You're the same ole girl that lived across the street
And you were so bad, who-oh-oh, yeah

[Prodigal Sunn]
Twelve years since I last seen her, damn, how time flies
Pretty Shamina from Medina, hazel/brown eyes
Still looking good, eating right, meat on the thighs
No disrespect, ma, I treat you with the most high
Form of respect, as I bomb you with intellect
Calm dialect, the king keeps the queen in check
Vice versa, trust, I never hurt ya
Sincere with my words, my dear, I'm here to nurture
Listen, forget what you saw, heard in the past
I'm a changed man, moved from coach to first class
My days of crime, put that all behind me now
Visioned a lot as a child, grew a man to style
Reminisce of running wild, til I felt ka-pow
Tried to tell me, baby, them niggaz is foul
How you seen it from miles, a lesson learned, through my error & trial
One of the reasons why you make me smile, baby, I love your style

[Lord Jamar]
I'm the sun, and you're the moon
I plant my seed into your womb
Nine months later, a star will come soon
I'm try'nna build a army like the fifth of tomb
And we can have us a wedding, in May or June
Out in the Bahamas, you're not just my baby mamma
Wifey material, lifey material
Say these vowes, as from now to your burial
You're the one I want in my universe
Cuz with U-N-I verse, we can understand better
Let's stand together, let's make these plans together
Let's make this fam together, walk hand-in-hand together
Let's make this last forever
I'm never gon' let you get out of my sight
Cuz I'm never gon' let you get of my life, no

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]