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Artist: Lord Jamar f/ Horse, Reality Allah
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   Revolution
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Chorus: Reality Allah]
Are you ready to fight, revolution
Stay loud, til you make a solution
How are we going to fight, for the people's right
Are you ready to fight, revolution

[Lord Jamar]
But what you know about running for miles & not eating for days
Shooting it out with federal agents
Running with your family in toe, giving your son an AK
Even though he's only eight years old
Freedom has many prices, are you willing to pay
For Justice and Equality to be the order of the day
Cuz they tape recording everything you say
And only use cash, no credit cards, they easy to trace
I know alot of what I'm saying is not easy to face
This like, sometimes medicines not easy to taste
But it needs to be heard, a revolution is a way of life
Not a word, that's word, we living on the --
Third rock, from the sun, heard shots from the gun
And somebody yell "revolution"
And suddenly I heard an explosion...
I guess to be a revolutionary is whether you chosen


A revolution is bloody, require money cause it's hostile
This dedicated to the Gods on my block, now
I squeeze a glock round, jakes screaming "cop down"
That's as I come, this far, no way that I'm gon' stop now
I'm ready when you ready, that buck ain't hitting heavy
When on point for jake, jumping out five seat of Chevy
Impossible to face this, we numbless, nameless & faceless
Hard to trace us, popping up in different places
The rules have been changed and I use my tools for liberation
The FBI ease, drop on domestic conversation
And brothers that you grew up with alternative's, don't strange it
And everything you knew, accustomed to, soon changes
But still niggaz is scared to bleed, mentally prepare my seed
Running like a fugitive, just try'nna save this life I lead
This whole world straight, out of control
Will you go out for freedom like you going out for the dough
I wanna know...