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Artist: Lord Jamar
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   I.S.L.A.M.
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Lord Jamar]
I be the All Eye Seeing, Supreme Being
Black Man, the colored man is the European
Ran up to his cave, he was fleeing
Over hot sand, steal from me and I chop hands
Off, that's Islamic law
The sight alone'll make you wanna vomit on the floor
I study 120, the Qu'ran and the Bible
Doing my job, the God got plenty disciples
Taking my rightful place, amongst kings and queens
85's wanna know what things mean
Sweep the devil off the earth, like spring clean
My earth's rock 3/4's, never bring jeans
G-O-D, take a little look through my P-O-V
You see I be O.G., turn a devil into John D-O-E
That mean D-O-A, it's gon' be OK

[Chorus 2X: Lord Jamar]
I be the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head
Here to drop bombs on the mentally dead
Islam'll, keep you properly fed
And to the four devils, yo, I'm choppin' yo head

"Well how you be God?"

[Lord Jamar]
I be all wise and civilized
Deliver truth while the 10 percent deliver lies
His devilishment, has been solidified
I be the Five Percent, opitimized
When you in the presence of God, you better recognize
Before your life gets jeopardized
I'm bout to exercise my right to bare arms
See me in a wife beater, nothing but bare arms and tattoos
I hit a muthafucka hard like bad news
Some people say I'm nuts like cashews, and that's true
I mash through in a black truck, strapped up
Busting from the driver's side, you either ride or die
All praise due to the Most High
I blaze you with my four-five
This is Jihad music, see the God do it
Allah U Akbar, Lord Jamar's the truest

[Chorus 2X]