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Artist: Lord Jamar
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   Greatest Story Never Told
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

"In 1963, a young minister at Malcolm X's mosque in New York City
A man named Clarence X, broke with the Nation of Islam
He changed his name to Allah, and took his less astere vision
Of Islam, directly to young people in Harlem
He called his new movement: The Five Percent Nation"

[Lord Jamar]
Greatest story never told, Clarence Smith
Clarence 13X, to the Father Allah, let's go
Aiyo, February 22nd, 1928
Danville, Virginia, it was still the winter
Clarence Smith, he was born a friday
The fifth son, of Louis and Mary
After him, came Dennis and Harry
Now that's seven, six boys, one girl
Who ever thought he would change the world
His mother nicknamed him Put, and simply put
This was the time during Jim Crow
Where laws dictated where a nigga could go
But the fam didn't care, I don't wanna be rude whitey
I don't wanna go where I know they don't like me
In '46, Allah came to Harlem
To join his mother, and his older brothers
Once in New York, Put became pudding
Yeah, the God was smooth
He performed odd jobs, he was an honest dude
Amongst them, fruit stand that he ran
In a little hole in the wall, this was Harlem, ya'll
Developed a love for gambling
Played a lotta pool, took fools for they jewels
Then he met Eline, wanted to marry, but she was only seventeen
Needed her mother's permission, they still had 2 sons, even though she was bitching
Allah said "I got something for you"
You don't have don't have the only daughter, then he married Dora
He had two seeds with her
Clarence and Christine, they were hers
And that's just the way it was, back in the day
When Allah came up, just the greatest story never told
Greatest story never told

[Chorus 2X: sample]
"Hey, hey, now what I say"

[Lord Jamar]
In 1950, Clarence joined the army
And went to fight in the Korean war
Seeing war, it had to effect him
Supporting two families, you had to respect him
While he away, Dora became Muslim
N.O.I., Honorable Elijah Muhammed
When Clarence returned, he too accepted
By the teacher of Islam, he was truly effected
Temple Number 7, Mr. Malcolm X
This was the time that Allah met Justice
Clarence became Student Minister over time
He said some things that put him over the line
He said the Black Man's God, not just Farrad
Please, let's go yell it in the yard
But the Nation said no, you gots to go
He took Justice, and some brothers and he left the temple
Back to the streets of Harlem
This time to teach black youth not reached by Muslims
Birth of a Nation, with far reach and implications
1963 is the shit to me, cuz that's the year that the God made history
Looked himself and said it ain't no mystery
This the greatest story never told

[Chorus 2X]

[Lord Jamar]
Allah made, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets
A profound way to break it down
He took it to the poor and the hardcore
Young thugs and niggaz on drugs
First born student by the name of Kareem
Had the power to attract black knowledge seeed
Kareem became Black Messiah
And then he run the first borns by it
It was Kareem, Naheem, Uhu, Kaheem
Al Jabar, or Prince Allah, Al Jamel, Bilal or Jihad, Akbar, and Al Salam
They called Allah the father, they were from broken home
And this man was the only father they had known
Allah's Nation of the Five Percenters
Will soon influence the epicenter
Allah got shot, and soon after arrested
Before the judge, Allah contested
You got it wrong, I'm Allah, I tell you
The judge said you crazy, and shipped him to Bellevue
This is the greatest story never told
The greatest story never told

[Chorus 2X]

[Lord Jamar]
Allah got, sent to Matter One, first borns carried on
We could live to wait it, and got situated
In '67, Allah came home, we had our first problem and see how we had grown
They were thousands of Five Percenters, Allah had to borrow some muslims
They said "I surrender", 21-22, Seventh Avenue
It was a gift from the mayor, and we still right there
Sham God designed the flag, we put it on the window of the street acad'
In '68, Dr. King was assassinated, many cities got decimated
That night in Harlem, the Gods were out
Helping to keep the peace, 85's wanna wild out
The same year, Allah prepared, his Five Percent for the day he wouldn't be here
If I die, I don't want you cry, if I could, I'll reach up and slap you in the eye
Besides, if you keep on teaching, I'll live forever
But physically, no man lives forever
June 12th, 1969, indelible in the God's minds
Allah Just took us through the science, of male and female
But we didn't notice the details
Cuz when he left, he got in the cab
But it wasn't in Allah's cab, didn't observe that
Shortly after, the word came back
That Allah got gunned down, Five Percenters rushed down
To Amlocate Towers, hundred 12th street
In the elevators where the God fell, G
Many Gods were crying, at least one remembered
What Allah said, didn't let a tear shed
We said fareful at community chapel
As to who killed Allah to this day, we're baffeled
These funeral posess the firm, clear for his cremation
This is the Nation of his creation
This is the greatest story never told
Greatest story never told


"Allah was assassinated in 1969, that case was never solved
His movement survived him, today it's known as the Nation of Gods & Earths
Or the Five Percenters, tens of thousands of young black men & women
Follow his teachings, among them, several top performers
Including Busta Rhymes and members of Wu-Tang Clan"