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Artist: Lord Jamar f/ RZA
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   Deep Space
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lord Jamar]
Uh, let's take a trip
Trip into the mind...
The mind of the wise...

[Lord Jamar]
Okay, uh, enter the seventh dimension
Witness my ascension into the heavens
Like Christ on the third day, I'm nice with my wordplay
Master of all that I survey
Standing on my square, firm, graph the journ'
Trying to shake my foundation
Nation of Gods & Earths, birthed by the father
If he didn't love us, then why would he bother?
Universal mathematician, I shine like the sun
Look at how I flash against it
Basking Arabians, melenin, soaks up my energy
Brings cancer to my enemies
Knowledge the God, as I build/destroy
Black hole, watch me as I fill the void
I'm light years beyond, my word is my bond
Stay tuned, you've only heard a third of the song

[Interlude: Lord Jamar]
That's right, just a third of the song..
No more, the stars, the milky way, the solar system

Yo, this is deep space, when I was young, we couldn't teach pace
We got evicted, moms would play numbers, on sweepstakes
To hate to pay rent, arms stay bent, step-pops in state pen
Old dad been gone ever since, I was three
Had no one to show me how to set me free
Or give me a clue, on who, I'm supposed to be
I was a mommy's boy, soft, Uncle Tommy Boy
Walking the streets, like a dead zombie, boy
Swine, eating lines, cheat and brand to a white Jesus
Never thought the first man on Earth, it could be us
Got blessed with the twelve jew-els, learned they could do me well
Helped find God in man, like Emmanuel
Whose the original, whose the grafted criminal
Who crafted trick knowledge, to attack, the subliminal
Subconscious stages, I got the book, turned the pages
Learned one hundred and twenty, and nine phases
Of the moon, stay in tune, all praises due
The truth is what raises you

[Chorus 2X: Lord Jamar]
The universal builder, supreme architecht
Lord Jamar and, I'm about to spark the set
Touch my Earth and, you might as well be marked for death
Deep space, if it still get darker, yet

[Lord Jamar]
Uh, let's take a trip through the galaxy
Mystery God is a phalacy
Celestial being, mothership over the White House
See that, had your President shook
Take a self evident look, through the telescopic lens
Magnefy my truth, the milky way couldn't satisfy my sweet tooth
Amplified my beats is proof of light up
I only do as right, you only do as left
Now tell me whose the best, Lord Jamar, I got a constellation of stars
You only did your observation from afar
Twenty three scientists, blow the moon from the Earth
Covers on the three/fourth, lover of my heat source
I meet force with force, fighting fire with fire
Space dust, watch me get higher and higher
King of the Universe, call me Messiah

[Interlude: Lord Jamar]
Knowhatimean, praise the child (call me Messiah)
Bow down the Gods, that's right
Ruler of the Universe... yo, come on

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Lord Jamar]
Yes, uh... that's how it is
True builder, yeah, it's like that