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Artist: Lord Jamar f/ 40 Bandits
Album:  The 5% Album
Song:   The Cipher
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Lord Jamar]
You know I stay God Cypher Cypher Divine
I don't swine, I don't master Islam Now Divine
When a punk jumps up to get fucked up
I'm like a father giving tough love
Uh, bust slugs with the universal Zig Zag Zig Islam, I right the bomb
The God Cypher off, then I break north
I spice it up like Allah 1 steak sauce
Go forth Young Master Allah Now
Time for you to Rule Equality Power
And step to your Born I Zig Zag Zag
Stop acting like a big ass kid

[Jasik Allah]
Peace to the God, Jasik is Allah
Everything in tune like the Sun, Moon & Stars
Foundation strong, word is my bond
Life manifested, Arm Leg Leg Arm
Head and instead, leave the devil dead
Four shots, four bodies filled up with lead
Goons is in back of me, peep at the strategy
Get right, refine myself, like the Street Academy
Run through the hood, ain't nothing good
These little niggaz shooting shit up like they would
Niggaz try to do me in, buck me and shoot again
Roll with the God Lord Jamar, Brand Nubian

Police is in the back of me
Black, Power, this is 40 B., check it
Kill a cop, blazing trees, stick to bake and flee
Right away, tell me have you Today's Degree
I'm wild and I'm wigged, for old, it's like a new religion
A new code, a revolt, I write it up in prison
Ralo, it's God Body with the long shotty
The armed robbery in the lobby in front of everybody
I'm wild and I'm wreckless, murder the homicide detective
Buried his body and I ain't even get arrested
Now police is knocking at my door
Looking for me, but I ain't here no more, check it
Your outlaw and money, that's what I come for
With Lord J, all day, layin' the law, but
Witnesses is try'nna say they saw
A crazy madman waving the four-four, check it
The fire with the God, I strike you with the iron rod
Police, they'd rather come with the riot squad
The science of teaching, the rebel, I'm the ghetto chief'ton
The seeds, do the knowledge when the God's speaking

[Nat Turner]
Scout body in the party, and we wreck it tonight
Say it's a matter, get shot or you hog it on sight
Now why I'm killing cops, why I kill the judge?
Why if they find crack in them pockets they show me love?
I spit the banger, the mathematical flamer-flamer
Switch up and hit the changer, then get it, this biz is dangerous
Free the Cipher, it's 40 gangs, and 40 B.
Sophisticated, the higher science of burglary
You can't fuck with the power or the pride
I'm a jump up, and nigga, jack your crack
It's Nat Turner, muthafucka, beast of the belly, squeezin' Pirellis
And shoot you for tellin' me this manufactured fire is deadly
Allah moves steady, I got the seeds ready
Military so necessary, the Pele Pele
El Genereli, five star murder malachi
Dippin' narcotics in bolic, like the sun did the prophet

[Rated G]
The perfector, rep for fucking up your sector
Connect, the mic checker, ease up selector
Come again, bring it back, reload, rewind
I design like, Universal Sham God, I am God
A vanguard, you've been eating ham dog
Damn, dog, thought you was wise, now ya ass'll get slam hard
What's this, knew I couldn't trust this, yo fuck this
Bust this, try to pretend to serving from justice
Must this go down, yo, God, can we discuss this?
Emphatically no, Now Cypher, I'm bout to snuff this
Black snake, fraudelent fake, see through shell
We ain't real, you faking than a eight dollar bill
You can run and hide, but you still can't avoid it
Strip 'em of his lessons, flush some more down the toilet
Cuz you walk like an 85, talk like an 85
On the down low, be eating pork like an 85
Yeah, right, back the fuck up, you ain't my A-Alike
Spare ya life, you be lucky, you get a fair fight
Knowledge the God, when Allah manifests, and study ya lessons
To keep 'em from guessing, here's a question