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Artist: Lloyd f / Lil Wayne
Album:  Street Love
Song:   You
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[Lil Wayne]
Right off the back ma the boy got dollars
So women come freak one like flight mileage
It ain't no secret I, I might holla
But I ain't gonna sweat ya, baby I'ma let'cha
Catch up with ya game, run faster
Don't let him lose ya cause I ain't gon' bless ya
Unless you're feelin a little desperate
Send a nigga a text message girl
Stop, wait a minute
The way you move that girl, you done got my heart all in it
And I just wanna be with you tonight
Girl please, I'm a player that is true
But I change the game for you
I wanna see what it do
[Bridge: Lloyd]
Can I be for real, this is how I feel
I'm in need of love, so let's dip up out of here
Ooh you just my type, everythin so right
And I just wanna chill, so let's dip up out of here
Let's dip up out of here
[Chorus: Lloyd]
{*humming*} She's fine too, but I want you
{*humming*} She's fine too, but I want you
I didn't mean it
This just ain't no game, these just stay words, that I'm spittin
If you can see the thoughts that's in my head 
I'm a player that is true 
But I change the game for you
(I wanna see what it do)
[Lil Wayne]
Yeah, Weezy F Baby, the key to the ladies
Keys to the 'cerdes but please say the baby
Weed and patron, even in the A.M.
We should be alone, we can get a day in
You like what I'm sayin then come around the way and
We can go inside and stay in
Tell the homeboy you stayin, you've been taken
Gone, turn me on and I'ma turn him DOWN
You know I love you like cooked food
You know you fuckin wit' a good dude
You know you give good brain like you graduated from a good school
You know I'm a good mood, you should do
Me, so hey shorty what it is, the Carter who it is
And shorty you I dig
A party at my crib, that's a party in the hills
You call it what you want, cause she can call it what she feel, OOW