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Artist: Lloyd f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Lessons in Love
Song:   Girls All Around
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"All around the world, girls, all around the world
This goes out to girls all around the world" - Slick Rick

I just want to be your man girl
So uh, gotta make you understand girl

[Verse One]
It's the way you flip your hair
And those stylish clothes you wear
When you walk into the room
All my partners stopped and stared at you
But they just been the usual
It's the tattoo on your back
And that brand new Louie bag
With them matchin' high heels
I can't help this girls swag's the truth 
And I just want to give her love, oh 

Girl I can't get you off my mind
You're like my favorite song (song)
Just want to turn you on
And work you all night long 'cause I oh I
I just want to be your man 

[Verse Two]
Just to smell your perfume, got me goin out my head 
See you comin' see you goin'
Never met someone as bad as you
Since you're my favorite girl, yeah
I know just what you need, to make you look complete
This platinum wedding ring, 'cause oh I got a thing for you
I'm a take you around the world, oh baby


[Verse Three: Lil Wayne]
Ah ha ha, yeah
OK I'm thinkin' of a master plan
Nah, I'm lyin', shorty on my mind
Shorty like a fryin', pan, and I ain't got
Nothin' but sweat inside my hands
So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent
But I don't need a cent, 'cause shorty priceless
I tell it like this, I been (all around the world)
So baby I can take you (all around the world)
I roll up, this is a hold up
It's young money man, shorty made me smile
When ain't a damn thing funny
Heh heh, but still don't nothin' move but the money
So baby if I move then we move with the money
Which is my favorite dish
But if I taste you that'll probably switch
And then we will probably switch
Now I'm walking up the street, whistling this