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Artist: LL Cool J f/ 50 Cent, Prodigy, Kool G. Rap, Tony Yayo
Album:  Queens (Single) *
Song:   Queens
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* cut from retail release of "Exit 13"

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
You know for sure we ain't playin' when you hear us sayin'
It's a Queens thing mayne' , if ya ask what zip we claim
And what hood we from we say Queens! Queens! Queens!

Now we're tuned
With the sounds of the best niggaz that ever do it
And still doin' it the best, this is what it sounds like
Over in Q-U, the projects is haunted houses, real demons and ghouls
Ya shakin' in ya shoes, get some henny, light a dutch
Smokin' back to back bogies, you scared to death son
Out here is real tough, niggas'll line you up
Real sharp like the barber, get your hair cut!

[50 Cent]
I bang bang and boogie, ya blood on my hoodie
You outside stuntin' with ya jewelery all goodie
It's easy mayne', believe me mayne,
When I heard of a jux that'll ease the pain
I'm the shittiest nigga, I'll cut the prettiest nigga
From his ear to his chin, I don't care if you his friends
Yeah I did it back then, and I'll do it again
I catch a flashback on ya jack and wave the Mac 10
"Man Take That Shit Off!"

[Chorus: 50 Cent]

[LL Cool J]
I don't slide like Usher, I don't make no bands
I ain't a frontin' ass coward, I don't rinse soundscans
I wish Ricky Russell was back, I miss tha old Def Jam
Cuz them new monkey's act like they don't know who I am!
The promotion and marketing wasn't worth a damn
Now they on the balls again, cuz 50 my man?
It's a Queens thing doofy this is how we do
We rep our hood goofy, how bout you?
This is L talkin' not some Patrone and trees
Look at the calibre of playa's that roll with me
Now I'm back on top where I'm 'posed to be
And ya'll payin' the respect that niggas owe to me, Queens, nigga!

[Verse 4 - Kool G]
Yeah we Queens dude, ya know what it is pap
They walk upon you force you in the whip
Barrels poked in ya ribs pap, glare from a six shot
Bills wallin' the hicca, apes with a shaper from C76 block
Queens home of the gulliest goons fuzzy the goon with fifty calibre gun smoke
Mac 1 and 1 toast, back when I slung dope
Sling a batch, stainless gat packing bag

[Chorus: 50 Cent]

[Tony Yayo]
My seat laid back, finger on the trigger
Tints on the hoopty, listenin' to Thriller
Mama said "mama sa ou ma cu sa", I got sixteen shots in my Ruger
I put one in ya brain, ya medulla
I'm in Southside Queens with my Luger
I'll turn ya dreams into nightmares like Kruger
But I'm not from Elm Street, I'm from [?], Yeah!

[Chorus: 50 Cent]