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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  Rotten Apple
Song:   Playboy 2
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Two fingers up, yup, Henny in my cup, yup
Semi in the cut, yup, a very nice truck, yup
I'm all iced up, yup, pocket knife'd up, yup
I knock your wife up, yup, man I don't give a fuck, nah
The Unit's in this bitch, yea , you know who I'm with, yea
Rolling out the piff, yea, six after six, yea
Hanging out the whips rocks bangin off my wrist, yea
I'm a ball till I die, why, cause I'm a Play B-O-Y

Guess who's the man this quarter, the rich playing the boarder
Your papers much shorter, my safe is this big
Not from New York to Georgia, they recognize the slaughter
Diamonds around the boarder, a platinum ice pick
We in them Lambs the color of Candy Yams
The only niggaz in the city with Miami tints
I picked up my advance and took off out to France
Thousand dollar pants and hundred thousand dollar hands
Mami I don't dance, I rock, I bop
I half a ounce of sticky in my sock, I'm hot
If I like it I'm a cop it on the spot, why not
These haters still won't give me my props, I'm shocked
I do it for the concrete, the curb, the block
All I got is the street, my word, my cock
these little niggaz emulating' me know why
know why, know why, cause I'm a Play B-O-Y


Pull up in a Benz, hoodie and my Timbs
Hologram rims, a lot of Benjamin's
I shop till I drop, I stunt when I want
Rollin' blunt after blunt, blowing bump out the trunk
Now I can take a shit on all of y'all, dump after dump
I'm high and I'm drunk, having lunch at the trunk
Don't front, and get to rocking, and my click is popping
now my hits is dropping that's why the chickens flocking
I ain't a come up, I got the Louis black
Hydraulics on the 'Lac, I pop and whoolie that
Now we got enough toys to knock the city back
Beef and broccoli fitted cap, he's the rockiest in rap
They copying' my moves I cruise on twenty-two's
Big pools, money and jewels, that's all I never do is
The illest never one at a time, just by the two's
and ooohhh, you should see what my song make them do


If you come from the bottom Put Your Hands Up
Yo' hood fucked up and rotten put your hands up
You and your click get it popping' Put Your Hands Up
A nigga front I'm leavin' out of here in handcuffs
Now Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..

Yeah.. Man I don't give a fuck what you said..

Now Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah..
Put Um Up.. Yeah.. Yeah.. Yeah..!!