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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  Everywhere You Go 12"
Song:   Everywhere You Go
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I don't know what you want me to do?
Oh, oh I, I get it
You lookin' for a super nigga, huh?

You lookin' for somebody with some money
That'll fly you 'round the world
Getcha ev-ery-thing
Another prize you can show off like your pearls
Another mama done raised a material girl (girl)
You're searchin' for somebody people knows
So you can get attention everywhere you go (uh huh)
Another baller you can show off to your friends (yeah)
'Cause he ridin' in the Benz
That's what you want (you want)

[Verse 1]
I bet you if you let me I can help ya
See my way of thinkin', get ya thinkin', and get scooped
Couple ticks later you'll be drinkin' in the coupe
Emailin' ya friends just 'cause he wheelin' the Benz
Is it 'cause of the name, or the Sprewell in the rims
You got ulterior motives, I can see that when you grin
I ain't him, matter fact shorty, I ain't them
They ain't me, they ain't been none of the places that I've been
Look girl, I'm tryin' to win (ha), How 'bout you?
You still dreamin' about your dream house? How 'bout two? (two)
If you don't get the big picture you can hop out boo
I'm not just seein' eyeball, I'm here to see ya blue
And this ain't about no other females, just me and you
Be real, I'm seein' through
Everything you tryin' to do, so
If you a topic, you don't wanna try to do fo'
Stop usin' me against me, find a new dough


[Verse 2]
I'm still gettin' them phone calls all times of day
Celebrity bitches is worse than the ones around the way
I'd rather come from the A, she's been around the K
Around the drug--scene, gimme fake pounds and hugs
Congratulations mami, you done found the thug
Bandana, diamond studs, man shuttin' down the club
I hand her the swisher, she knows how to roll the killer
Around my dice games, 'cause it's cee-lo when she flow a.. (cee-lo)
I think I found her, I ain't gone jump the gun
Hop the fence, with a couple reasons in my defense
Look I done hardly took a chick to the movies
Let alone plane trips and jacuzzis, you speedin' (speedin')
I need a reason to say them 3 words when I'm leavin'
Believin', ya mine to myself
Man, listen
You must thinkin' I'm lyin' for my health
Okay, it's time to put my attention to someone else


That's what you want (you want)
But I can't be your super nigga (be your super nigga)
I can't be here, I can't be there (be there)
At the same time (same time)
Uh (uh)
Yeah (yeah)
Yeah (yeah)