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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More 2)
Song:   Stuntin' *
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* FYE bonus track

[Intro: Lloyd Banks]
Yeah! New York City!
It's me, L.B., yeah!

[Lloyd Banks]
Uhh, pull your camera phone out, you can shoot your first movie
I'm headed toward Louie and I got 'em showin booty
The dough do somethin to me, I count it in my 'cuzzi
Envision Cancún, coon Spic and Span room
Kaboom, Bentley bangin bass while I zoom
I'm leavin out a threesome and it's just the afternoon
I told her I was cummin and she made it to the spoon
I put my shit back on and told her I'd see her soon
Zoom~! I'm sharp as a harpoon, ya doomed
We go barkin at the moon, buffoon
Screw 'em, the heater make 'em curl in a cacoon
You ruined, I spark my blunt back up, high soon
I'm hot as in June and July, I know I'm fly
I hit your favorite night club and eyeball all the spies
And my evening never dry, I can actually get by
Grey Goose lemon lime, and I'm packin up the ride

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]
Uh, I'm frontin, stuntin, money ain't nuttin
I get it, I got it, I bag 'em, fuck 'em
Then dump 'em, shorty thought she was when she wasn't
the one I'm lookin for, let her party with my cousin
Cause they love him, they come over by the dozen, I'm clubbin
We fuckin, and bitches know my name cause I'm buzzin
They rub him, and grab him, that's where I keep the magnum
And when your bread stackin you never know what'll happen

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, shorty say she love me, she don't even know me
Baby don't insult me, I should feed you to the homies
You boney, don't tell your girls you own me, baloney
How phony, we run New York like Dan and Tony
I'm chromey, diamond studded Roley, I'm goldy
I'm cozy, see nets spur drive like {?}
Six cases of Mo-ey, big faces you know he
pack the V.I.P. up, with Kim, Kourtney and Khloé
The Phantom like a sofa, so you need a chauffeur
My picture make a poster, try to find a nigga doper
See mami on that coca, she think I mean quota
When I break a bitch first, lil' kids like soda
Roller, my baby will be in a Gucci stroller
Rap bi-polar and my goon'll uzi hold her
Soldier, I control my game with a controller
I'm colder, the whole South Jamaica on my shoulder


[Outro: Lloyd Banks]
Queens gettin money, Brooklyn gettin money
The Bronx gettin money, Harlem gettin money
Staten gettin money, off the corner money
That millionaire money, c-count more money
YEAH! Ha ha, P dot L dot K